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Navigating it, dumping waste in it and drinking its waters.

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What are 3 important towns on the Amazon River?

name three important towns on the amazon river

What are the three major South American river systems?

Amazon River, Paranà River, Orinoco River

What are the three major rivers beside the Nile River?

Yellow River Amazon River Yangtze River

What are the three major river in south America?

i know one is Amazon River

How many countries does the Amazon River flow through?

The Amazon River flows through three countries: Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.

How many rivers come of the Amazon River?

There are over 1,100 tributaries that flow into the Amazon River. The three longest are the Madeira River(1), Purus River(2) and the Japur River(3).Madeira River

What is the odd one out of Amazon Tokyo London and Berlin?

The Amazon. It is a river, and the other three are cities.

Name three important towns on the amazon river?

The Amazon river is 4,000 miles wide. The most important towns on the Amazon are Belem, Brazil, Santarem, Brazil, and Iquitos, Peru.

What are three different names of red river valley?

what are three different names of the song red river valley

What are the three important characteristics of the Amazon River?

Lots of floading and vegetation

What are the three key features of the Amazon River?

source mouth triduties

What is the three major bodies of water in the US?

amazon river,Nile and Congo

In which continents are the three longest rives to be found?

River Nile - Africa. River Amazon - South America Yangtze - Asia.

Name of countries of the amazon river through which the equator passes?

The equator passes through the countries of Ecuador, Brazil, and Colombia. The Amazon River also passes through these three countries.

What are the three longest rivers in order of length?

Nile 4,135 miles Amazon 3,980 miles Yangtze 3,917 miles1) Nile River in Africa2) Amazon River in South America3) Yangtze River in Asia

If you ordered a package from Amazon when will you get it?

You will usually get an in stock item from Amazon within three days. Amazon has different shipping prices so it depends on what you choose.

What are the three main land regions of Peru?

The Coastal Plains, The Highlands, The Selva/ Amazon River Basin

What river is in Brazil?

The most well known river in Brazil is the Amazon River. The Sao Francisco, The Tocantins and The Rio de la Plata are three other major rivers in Brazil also.

What are the three different types of geography?

Physical, Human, Environmental

South America is home to three of the world's top six rivers with the greatest amount of water name them?

Amazon River, Orinoco River, and Rio de la Plata

What are three important characteristics of Amazon River?

It is the second largest river in the world, it contains 20% of the worlds fresh water and it helps support the life of many with food and water

Three largest and longest river in the world?

The world's longest river is the Nile at 6,693 km. The world's second longest river is the Amazon at 6,437 km. The world's third longest river is the Chang Jiang (Yangtze) at 6,380 km.

What are facts about the Amazon River?

It is the second longest river in the world and the largest river in the world.Its flow is three times greater the flow than all of the other rivers in the USA.Its volume is greater than all the other 8 largest rivers combined.It carries 20% of all fresh water in our oceans.The Amazon river is 4,000 miles or 6,400 kilometers long. There are many animals in the Amazon river and Basion.Like pink dolophins and frogs etc.

Which river flows across the equator thrice at three different places?


What is the three largest rivers in the world?

1.Nile River ( 6,650 KM ) , ( 4,135 Miles ) 2. Amazon River ( 6,400 KM ) , ( 3,980 Miles ) 3. Yangtze River ( 6,300 KM ) , ( 3,917 Miles )

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