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What are three questions that can be answered using the applications of physical science?

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* Why is the sky blue? * What causes wind? * How does evaporation change the air temperature?

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How does physical activity affect health?

because science says a search on similar questions, its been answered before.

What is the kinds of questions science can answer?

Science can only answer questions about the physical world.

Which of these questions cannot be answered by science?

Questions without any scientific support may not be answered by science. Hope this helped :3

How do you search all ready answered questions posted in WikiAnswers related to the field of computer science?

Follow the related link to the answered questions on Computer Science.

What questions can be answered by science?

quatifiyable ones. any question which can be answered with a number. Hypothesis is something that we use science to back up.

What kind of question can science answer?

Science can answer questions about our physical world.

What type of questions cannot be answered by science?

magic, and spirits

Which questions of the universe cannot be answered by science?

A religion question

What type of questions can be answered through science and which questions are outside the boundaries of scientific investigations?

As a general rule, science answers questions about objective reality, and does not answer questions about subjective opinion.

Science questions about biomes?

This is not in the form of a question and thus cannot be answered.

Where to find physical science test questions third grade?


Why can't science answer some questions?

Science can't answer some questions because science can only answer questions that can be proved, and some questions cannot be proved. A question like "Does God exist?" cannot be answered by science because it has not been proven that He exists yet. Science is all about answering questions that can be proved and known for a fact.

Which is the best science book in the world?

the best science book in the world is '1001 science questions answered' 'n it's very informative !!!!!

What kinds of questions can't be answered by science?

Questions that ask about opinions can't be answered with science. As a teacher, I have students rephrase their question more specifically so that it can be answered by science. Their proposed answer to the question is their hypothesis. This is why science cannot demonstrate religion as a hoax, as much as atheists would like to believe it. Unfortunately for believers, science cannot demonstrate the truth of religion either. Religion is one of those regions beyond the pale of science.

What is the primary role in basic science?

To answer questions about the physical universe

Which best describes the kind of questions science can answer?

scientists can only answer questions about the physical world *APEX*

Why can't science answer all of life's questions?

Mostly because not all questions are meant to be answered! You cant know everything about anything.

How many questions do you need to get right to pass the earth science regents?

you need more than half of the questions answered correct.

Which types of questions cannot be answered by science?

theology mythology psycology astrology politiacal science, social science -ology means a study of -ology sometimes misnamed the science of

Will science stop once it has answered?

No. Every answer discovered raises one or more new questions.

How do you differentiate philosophy from science?

Philosophy revolves around hypothetical questions that cannot be answered through observation. Science revolves around theoretical questions that can and have to be proven through experimentation to be valid.

Are questions normally answered pretty fast on this website?

Generally, questions are answered pretty fast. If the question is more complicated (i.e. requires someone who majored in a specific field of science), then it may take a little longer to become answered.

Can science prove or disprove God or other supernatural entities?

No, it can't. The focus of science is exclusively on physical reality, whether observable or hypothetical. Only entities and phenomena which are perceptible to our senses can be studied by scientists. Now it should be noted that in addition to physical reality science also studies social reality or human behavior. There is natural science and social science. Nevertheless, social science still falls under the domain of the natural realm because its focus is on human beings who are themselves natural or physical entities. So science cannot answer all questions. The questions pertaining to spiritual entities, morality, or the purpose of human life cannot be answered by science.

What are some questions that cannot be answered by scientists?

Science and Scientists attempt to describe the universe we live in. Questions that Science can not answer include:Questions on BeliefsQuestions on OpinionsQuestions on FutureE.g.What is my favorite color?What is my dog thinking about?What are the lottery numbers for tomorrow?Who is the one true God?

What are the science questions?

Science questions are science questions.