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* Why is the sky blue? * What causes wind? * How does evaporation change the air temperature?

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Q: What are three questions that can be answered using the applications of physical science?
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because science says a search on similar questions, its been answered before.

What is the kinds of questions science can answer?

Science can only answer questions about the physical world.

Which of these questions cannot be answered by science?

Questions without any scientific support may not be answered by science. Hope this helped :3

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Science can answer questions about our physical world.

What kinds of question can science answer?

Science can answer questions about our physical world.

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magic, and spirits

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A religion question

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quatifiyable ones. any question which can be answered with a number. Hypothesis is something that we use science to back up.

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This is not in the form of a question and thus cannot be answered.

What type of questions can be answered through science and which questions are outside the boundaries of scientific investigations?

As a general rule, science answers questions about objective reality, and does not answer questions about subjective opinion.

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