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Q: What are three things made in Texas?
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Things made in texas?

Snickers, Three Musketeers and Milky Way candy bars are made in Texas. Whole Foods started and is headquartered in Texas.

What are three things made in Indiana?

what are the three things that are made in Indiana

What are three things that are made in Texas?

they make cowboy boots and their pecan pies are really good :)

What three things does Texas produce?

Texas produces beef, watermelon, and corn

What are three things mined in Texas?

1 is oil

What three things did Texas have to decide on based on the constitution?


What three things made Mexicans believe that the US wanted Texas in the 1800's?

I am looking for this too, I really need this for my history prodject so if anyone can answer this please do!

What three things made Mexicans think that the US wanted Texas?

Manifest DestinySlavery (outlawed in Mexico)Increased immigration (at the time of the split-up, there were 10 Anglos for each Mexican).

What is three things the Texas constitution has that the us constitution doesn't have?


What three things are soil made of?

Three things that make up soil are called matter.Matter is made of solid liquid and gas.

What are three objects that are attracted to magnets?

Three things that attract to magnets are things that are made of iron,metal,and heavy things

What important things did Stephen F Austin do for Texas?

he made superman

What made Americans want to settlers in Texas?

Because every things bigger, and better in Texas. Come-on we have the Dallas Cowboys.

Who was president when the us got Texas?

Signing the bill that made Texas a US territory was one of the last things Tyler did as president.

How many players from the university of Texas made the NFL hall of fame?


What are three things made in Virginia?


What are three things made in Illinois?

Brake cables, towels, and combs are three things made in Illinois. The state also produces food, hats, toys, and other items.

What is the three best man made structures to see in Texas?

my house my house my house

What are things made of soil?

Three things that make up soil are called matter.Matter is made of solid liquid and gas.

What three things made the state of Ohio famous?

Three things that make Ohio famous are the Amish population, singers and cars.

What made the Texas Declaration important?

The Texas Declaration of Independence was important because all of the things written on it was the ultimate goal that the Texans tried to reach.

Which three regions of the US made up most of the Eastern Woodlands?

Mexico Texas and California

Why did northern congressmen oppose the annexation of Texas in 1836?

What three things was john slidell sent to mexico to negotiate

What are three things not made of matter?

space ,energy and force

Three things that are made in Montana...?

pottery,jewlery and food!