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they have both made it easier to get many thing done like

*being able to control the water and tempature without taking to much time

*have all you products easier to get

*knowing the right amount that you would need to feed all of your crop

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Q: What are three ways science and technology have improved agriculture?
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1. Innovation in measurement instruments has helped science gain more accuracy.2. Technology brings science organization used in collection of data, separation of parts, identification of compounds, etc.3. Technology has also brought science improved safetyand effectiveness and efficacy of procedures.

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food,technology and clothes

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Settled lifestyles, new technology, domestication of animals

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earths sciences,life sciences and physical sciences

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Archimedes, Newton, Faraday and Buckminster Fuller

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um they are applied science,pure sicence and thechnologyboboum they are science,pure science and technology bobo=)re: um they are applied science,pure sicence and thechnologyApplied Science is Technology. Dumbas*

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Advantages of newtons laws?

With newtons laws of motion we can expand and improve technology because the three laws are the base of rocket science

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The Three Major Branches of Science Are The Ff: a) Pure Science-involves gathering of information through expirementation mainly for the pursuit of knowledge.Pure Science has three branches:Life Science,Physycal Science,Earth Science. b) Applied Science-deals with the search for practical uses of scientific knowledge and laws. c) Technology-is the application of the scientific knowledge.