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I truly wish you the best of luck. I am not at all trying to scare you TRUST ME. I have one daughter, whom I was in labor with for 33 1/2 hours,thanks to the epidural. When I did feel the pain, I just thought to myself........ almost ever woman in the world does it, "I can do it", and the pain does go way right after, and you finally have your bundle of joy you have waited for, for months now. It can be scary, remember to just relax, the more relaxed you are the easier it will be. Have your nurses/midwife, keep a cool rag on your face to cool you down when sweating. I wish the best to you, I will never forget my moment,it has been 3 years already and still feels like only yesterday. One of the greatest gifts you could ever receive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answerok well this is only what I've read, not from personal experience...

1st of all the birthing position the hospitals use is only helpful for the doctorsl, it is the least effective and most dangerous. It is best to use a position in which you work with gravity not against it. Which makes the pushing easier on you and therefore makes the delivery easier.

2nd...waterbirth is very safe and very helps support your body because of the buoyancy provided by the water. It also helps the skin around the vagina stretch instead of tearing or cutting. It may still tear but it lowers the chances. Also warm water can make you relax more and if you are more relaxed the delivery will be easier.

3rd...if your significant other or midwife or doctor massages the skin between your vagina and "butthole". This can make it more likely to stretch instead of tear.

4th...which I'm interested in is delivering at home. If you have a healthy pregnancy there is no reason you should not be able to have the baby at home. If you are in the comfort of your own home with a midwife, you should be much more comfortable then in a hospital. Also some midwives can administer drugs that can ease the the hospital would.

5th...things such as pregnancy balls, pregnancy stools etc can be helpful. Walking during the transition phase of pregnancy can also speed it up which will make your delivery much quicker...

as i said this is all from reading not my own of luck

AnswerI had a 17 hour labour and only had 1/2 strength gas. I don't like the idea of a pethidine shot because it can have the same effect on the baby. I couldn't have an epidural because of surgery I have had in the lower back region. I was sucking in the gas like nothing else. It didn't really work FOR ME! A hot shower never worked FOR ME! My friend was saying that if I have gas this time, that the midwives told her that just as you get the tingling of the contraction, take a couple of breaths of gas slowly and this should take that edge off. It worked for her. She also had hot baths all the way through labour. I am due in 4 days and when I go into labour, I am going to try these methods. The midwives should help you through it. Hot showers could work for you, a TENS machine may work as well. We are all different. Try anything and everything that you are comfortable with. Just remember the magic at the end of it. Most importantly, I know it is hard not to be sometimes, but don't be scared. Pushing actually feels really good and feels natural. That's the easy part. AnswerHaving been through quite a few labors I have found that the things which helped varied every single time so it's good to have a range of helps on hand.I found a TENS machine which I hired from a physiotherapist who specializes in childbirth helped the most although less effective at the very end. You stick electrodes at different points on your back and have control over the amount of charge that you receive. If you practice before with it you will wonder how you'll even cope with the low level but believe me at the end of your labor even the top level won't pack a punch!

Having a supportive friend helps more than you can imagine - especially if it's someone who has been through labor before. There can be quite a lot of work involved in supporting a laboring woman so it can give the baby's dad a break without leaving you unsupported which can affect your pain levels.

Hot packs have also helped me and you may need several decent sized ones as the pain can occur in a number of areas. Showers helped at times but at others they made me feel claustrophobic.

Physical activity can also help your coping levels. If you can walking helps but you don't always feel up to it. Even movements like hitting something (preferably not your support people!) can reduce the way your body perceives pain. It sounds odd but when you're in the thick of it it makes more sense. It's a similar thing with making heaps of noise!

To a large degree the type of staff you end up with affect how comfortable you feel. That's where your support people can help because they can stand up for you at a time when you aren't at your most assertive. If you don't want to lie down for a examination then don't unless they can give you a very good reason why you should. Often it's because it's easier for them but it's YOU and the baby that matter here. Be sensitive though to emergency situations where this may not be appropriate.


Dont let everyone tell you scary Horror stories about labor. Escpecially if its your firt child. Yes, it hurts, but once you see your baby all that pain goes away. I've ad two kids and neither one of them was anything that people told me. My first child was 5lbs 7oz and I had 30 minutes labor :) My second child, I ha 10 minutes labor and delivered in my car on the way to the hospital and he weighed 7lbs 7oz. So not everyone has a horrible experience of pain and unless you're in labor for a LOT of hours, you should do it all natural, no drugs for the "real" experience of bringing a life into this world. But what helped me for my first child was focusing on one object or person during the contractions and breathing. Not "screaming", this just makes the pain worse, and makes you look bad to the other patients. Good luck and just remember that not everyone is the same, you may handle it better that someone else.

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Q: What are tips on what might help with pain while in labor?
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What is another term for labor pain?

Labor contractions might be the best term but not all contractions are painful.

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How does a birthing ball help during the labor and birthing process?

A Birthing Ball can help with position changes and it can also help to comfort the woman by decreasing the pressure and pain while sitting on or lightly bouncing on it.

Does it hurt when you get stiched up after labor?

The doctor or midwife should use a local anesthetic to help deaden the pain. You might feel a pinching or pulling sensation.

Can you drink soda while heart pain?

Yes-it might not be smart-depending on why you have pain...

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Where do you get labor pain?

Labor pain is felt in the abdomen ( think "cramps" while menstruating, lasting 30 sec. to 2 minutes, with intervals), as the uterus contracts. One can also have pain in the lower back region. Back labor can indicate that the baby's head has not yet turned into the best position for delivery.

I am 39 weeks with pain in lower back and pain in pelvic area everytime i stand am i in labor?

the kind of pain you are describing is not labor. the contraction/labor pain comes after every few min and stays for a moments and has its pattern ,that you will know right away once it starts, labor pains never go away with changing positions or sitting and standing. i hope you get this answer while you stilll need it, the kind of pain you are describing is a pelvic pain associated with disalignment of the pelvic area and possible malposition of the baby, if you have this pain a chiropractic treatment will help you , please go through this website to find more about this condition; and Structure

What is the Pathophysiology of labor pain in pregnancy?

patophysiology of acute pain related to moderate uterine contractions secondary to labor pain

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Does labor hurt?

Absolutely, it is probably the worst pain you will ever feel... BUT totally worth it once your baby is in your arms. Epidurals make it so much better, but may not always work for getting rid of the pain entirely. Yes, labor pains are painful. But there are things you can do to help ease the pain and make the labor an easier process, for both mother and baby. While in labor, the mother should learn the proper breathing and relaxing techniques, which does make a big difference. The more stressed and tensed up the mother is, the harder the labor can be on mother and baby. A labor coach can also help to ease the stress and tension, which in return, also helps the baby. You can learn these, among other techniques, in Lamaze classes, online, and in books.

Is radiofrequency ablation the best pain management for neck pain?

It might help you could try a inflammatory or a muscle relaxer to help mabe a longer lasting pain medication might work i would ask your doctor what else you can take and what he recommends you to use.

Do lower back pain exercises help with pain?

Unfortunately, once you've experienced lower back pain you will always have it. It can go away for awhile but it'll always come back. Lower back exercises might help, but it might also make it worse.

When your in labor will liquor help the pain without hurting the baby?

You do not drink alcohol when pregnant or in labor. If something happens and they have to perform surgery you can die. Alcohol doesn't help with anything. During labor you have to be strong, otherwise the baby can't come out. Being drunk you are not strong.

What stretches can help with lower back pain?

There are a number of stretches that can potentially help with lower back pain. Yoga stretches can provide long term relief from back pain while regularly flexing the lower back down will help.

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Your urine might smell while you are taking pain medication. This just depends on how your body handles them. If you are concerned, see a doctor.

A pain in the side of the lower abdomen that a person might experience while exercising?


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someone might experience leg pain after running because the mucules in your legs get tired after a while and they don't have that much energy

What medications are given for labor pain?

A narcotic is delivered into the space outside the membrane surrounding your spine. This is called an epidural and is often used to provide continuous pain relief to the lower part of your body while allowing you to remain fully conscious. In some cases narcotics such as fentanyl or demerol and a sedative such as phenergan may be used during the first stage of labor to help with relaxation.

How does labor begin?

With a lot of pain

If Im 3 cm dilated and having back pain and hip pain how soon will labor happen?

Actually you are in the Latent phase of labor.

How does pain protect your body?

If something endangers your body, e.g. a hot iron, if you felt no pain you might let it go on burning you (without even knowing it) to the extent that you might die. If someone chopped your arm off and you did not feel it you might bleed to death. So pain is there to help protect you.

How can music help women in labor?

mothers require less pharmaceutical pain relief during labor if they make use of music. Using music that is familiar and associated with positive imagery is the most helpful. During early labor, this will promote relaxation