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What are torque specs for 1989 Chevy 350 crankshaft bearing caps?


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65 ft. lbs. On four bolt caps, tighten the outers to 70.


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The rod bearing torque spec from mercruiser is 45 lb there is no spec that i can find for the main bearing caps.

Main bearing torque on 98 Chevy 350 4 bolt main?? The main bearing caps should be torqued to 70 ft. lbs.

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The Torque specs for a 1992 Jeep Crank with bearing caps is 80 ft./bls. You will need to check your chiltons.

For the 1987 Chevrolet S-10 with a 2.8 liter engine, the torque specs for the cylinder head bolts is 40 ft. lbs. The torque specs for the crankshaft damper bolt is 70 ft. lbs. For the oil pump bolts and the oxygen sensor, the torque is 30 ft. lbs.

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For the 1996 Chevy S-10 4.3 liter, the torque specs for the crankshaft damper bolts is 70 ft. lbs. For the cylinder head bolts, the torque is 65 ft. lbs, and for the engine mount-to-head bolts, the torque is 35 ft. lbs. For the engine mount-to-frame bolts, the torque is 52 ft. lbs.

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Rod bearing caps should be 38lb ft torque (Main bearing caps @ 70 lb ft) on all 2.2L GM gen 1 and gen 2, including the 2001+ Cavalier/Cobalt Ecotec engines.

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get a haynes book at the auto shop its a must have for me :)

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