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"Terrestrial" planets are the inner most (to the sun) and rocky planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestrial planets, and the last four planets are gas giants.

The word "terrestrial" comes from the Latin "terra" meaning "earth" or "dirt".

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it is trestrial so it lives in forests.

No. Planets orbit suns, while moons orbit planets. Planets do not orbit planets.

the answer is the inner planets

there are many types of planets some are exoplanets dwarf planets and inside planets and outside planets.

There are 7 main classification of Planets. They are classified into the following groups; * Inferior Planets * Superior Planets * Inner Planets * Outer Planets * Terrestial Planets, * Jovian Planets * Gas Giants

Yes because they are rocky planets and the outer planets are known as the gas planets.

The planets which are rock planets are : Mercury Venus Earth Mars

The other planets are not similar to dwarf planets.

All of the planets are in the same atmosphere. All of the planets are unique. All of the planets are considered planets. All of the planets have moons. All of the planets are named after a mythical person or thing.

outer planets are gas giants whille inner planets are just rocky planets. that includes that outer planets have significant amount of mass than the inner planets

the 4 inner planets are rock planets and the 4 outter planets are gas planets separated by the asteroid belt

Those are the giant planets.Those are the giant planets.Those are the giant planets.Those are the giant planets.

Inner Planets: Are rocky planets and smallOuter Planets: Are gas giants and giant

The Outer planets are often referred to as Gaseous planets. The others are the "inner planets" or rocky planets.

Extra solar planets are planets that is outside of our solar system.

Inner planets are terrestrial planets outer are jovian planets

dwarf planets are smaller than regular planets

Two categories of planets are the rocky planets and the gas giant planets.

the planets jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune are the larger planets. They are also called jovian/giant planets.

They are sometimes called "major planets" to distinguish them from the "minor planets" (the asteroids) and "dwarf planets" like Pluto.

dorf planets are small and they are not planets

there are gas planets and rock planets

Rocky planets and gaseous planets.

Actually Dwarf planets are planets which are very small in size and cannot be called planets but not as small to be called asteroids, so the name dwarf planets.