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Inner Planets: Are rocky planets and small

Outer Planets: Are gas giants and giant

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Q: Inner planets compared to outer planets?
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Why are inner planets different than outer planets?

Inner planets. are inner & outer planets. are outer

How far apart are the are the outer planets compared with the inner planets?

it is 5,578 miles away

Are inner planets found at great distances from the sun?

yes, however as compared to the outer planets, no.

Are all planets alike?

sorta there are inner and outer planets the inner planets are alike and outer planets are alike to but inner and outer planets are different.

Why do the inner planets rotate on their axis's slower compared to that of the outer planets?

Since the inner planets are composed mainly of rocks, they are heavier, and rotate slower.

How do the inner and outer planets atmosphere different?

the outer planets are gaseous and the inner planets are not

The size of inner and outer planets?

the outer planets are bigger than the inner planets

Inner an outer planet similarities?

The inner and outer planets are The same because The Inner planets are not made out of gas The outer planets are bigger than inners The outer planets are the coldest The Inner planets are rocky The inner planets are terrestrial The outer planets can't support life The inner planets have iron cores The outer are the furthest from the sun The outer planets haveno rocky surface

What is the densities of the inner planets compared to the outer planets?

the inner planets are more dense mercury venus earth mars than jupiter neptune uranus

Why are the inner planets made of denser materials than the outer planets?

becasue it is near to the sun compared to the outter planets

What are earth's inner and outer planets?

Earth does not have inner or outer planets. Earth is one of the four inner planets.

Why do you compare outer planets to inner planets?

because inner planets are hot and outer planets are cold

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