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Q: What are twins of opposite sex called?
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Are fraternal twins never the same sex?

Fraternal twins can be the same sex or opposite sexes. It doesn't matter.

Was Shakespeare's twins identical?

No. All identical twins are the same sex. Judith and Hamnet were opposite sexes, and so were fraternal twins.

If twins aren't identical what are they called?

Twins who are of the opposite sex or do not look alike are fraternal twins ~ not identical. This means that at the time of their conception ~ two eggs were fertilised. In the case od identical twins, one egg is fertilised and split in half.

Are monozygotic twins opposite sex?

No, monozygotic twins would be the same sex. Monozygotic twins come from one single fertilized egg, or zygote, which then splits to create two separate zygotes which will be genetically identical, or "identical twins", which will always be of the same gender.

What is opposite sex of a zebra called?

there is no opposite. a zebra is a zebra.

Do conjoined twins have the same sex?

Yes. Conjoined twins are always identical (monozygotic) twins, and identical twins are always the same sex.There is a theoretical case where identical twins could be opposite genders, when the babies are female but in one of the females, a branch of one X chromosome breaks away; however, I don't believe this has ever been observed.

What is the different between identical twins and franternal twins?

The DNA of identical twins and of clones is, apart from random, environmentally produced mutations, 100% identical. The only difference is that clones are produced on purpose through advanced bioengineering techniques while identical twins happen as an accident of nature. Identical twins are, in a sense, natural clones.

What is a person who likes the opposite sex called?

Gay/ Lesbian.

What is the sexuality called heterosexual?

Heterosexual is to be attracted to the opposite sex

What is opposite sex of donkey called?

A male donkey is called a jack, a female a jenny.

What is the opposite of sex?

To chose not to have sex is to be celibate. To have no sexual interest is being asexual. The opposite sex is whatever sex you are NOT. If you are a male, females are the opposite sex, and vice versa.

Are dizygotic twins always the same sex?

No. The chances of them being the same sex are the same as if they were not twins at all.