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a kazoo and a recorder

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How do musical instumnets produce sound?

Musical instruments are divided into families according to the way they produce sounds. String instruments produce sounds by plucking or bowing strings. Woodwind and brass instruments produce sound by blowing air into them. Sounds from percussion instruments are produced by striking on them.

How are various musical notes produced?

Music instruments are categorized into families according to the method they produce sounds. String instruments produce sounds by plucking or bowing strings. Woodwind and brass instruments produce sounds by blowing air into it. Instruments in the percussion family produce sounds by striking them.

How can musical instruments produce sound?

Instruments produce vibrations of sounds. For example if you plucked a string it vibrates and makes a sound.

What musical instruments that produce fast and lively sounds?

I'm a woodwind player and I know that a lot of instruments can produce fast and lively sounds such as the piccolo and flute.

What is a wooden musical instrument?

The woodwind instruments are a family of instruments made out of wood. They produce sounds by blowing air into them. The members are flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons.

Which State's name sounds like a musical instruments?

The state that sounds like a musical instrument is Oregon.

Musical instruments starting with q?

Musical instruments are devices used in producing musical sounds. Some instruments that begin with the letter q are zhaleika, zufolo, zugtrompette, zurna, zhonghu, zhuihu and zither.

What three types of musical instrument make sounds?

the three types of musical instruments string instrument, precautionary instruments and wind instrument.

Five groups of musical instruments?

The five major groups of musical instruments are brass, woodwinds, percussion, strings, and keyboards. They are classified in the different ways they are used and sounds they make.

What sounds are produced by playing musical instruments?

They are called vibrations which are different kinds of pitch.

What does banging a drum playing a guitar dropping pebble in water have in common?

All these actions produce waves. Musical instruments produce sounds waves in air. Dropping a pebble in water produces waves on the surface of the water.

The wind instruments belong to which family of musical instruments?

Either the Woodwinds or the Brass, since both take "wind" in order to produce sounds, imo. But, for the sake of proper terms, "wind" instruments typically are any instruments that use a reed as part of their tone generation.ALS/A+ Answer= aerophonesA saxophone is in the woodwind family

What musical instruments rhyme with chase?

Bass it sounds like base and is pronounced as based. YOUR WELCOM!

What is a olbon?

An olbon is an ethnic percussion musical instrument. An olbon is a native musical instrument from the Philippines that sounds differently from most percussion instruments.

What is synthesizer?

A synthesizer is an electronic device used to produce a wide variety of sounds. Synthesizers can produce sounds that mimic other instruments as well as unique timbres.

How different instruments make sounds?

Different instruments mainly produce sound by vibration whether it be the vibration of strings, the instruments, stretched membranes or etc.

What do brass instruments usually have to create sounds or tones?

Brass instruments produce sound by the vibration of the player's lips in the mouthpiece.

What insects can make musical sounds?

Insects that make musical sounds audible to human ears are cicadas, grasshoppers, crickets and katydids. Beetles also produce audible sounds, but without as melodic a quality.

Describes the differences among sounds having the same pitch and loudness?

Sounds are waves that have a frequency and a wavelength. Pitch is the musical term for frequency. One would think that two sounds having the same frequency and amplitude (loudness) sound exactly the same. Well, they would were it not for a very fortunate phenomenon. Sound waves, especially those produced by musical instruments, have little waves traveling on top of the primary wave. These are called harmonics or overtones. They have frequencies that are multiples of the pitch frequency. These extra waves produce an effect we call quality. Some instruments produce only one or two harmonics. Some produce many harmonics. Harmonics give the sound the rich quality that some instruments produce.

Large musical instruments produce sound with long wavelengths Small or short instruments produce sounds with short wavelengths How does the size of an instrument affect its sound?

First of, everything depends on length. Basically, the longer the instrument the lower its initial sound will be because it takes your air longer to go from your mouth piece out through the bell

Facts about Instruments?

Musical instruments are usually equipment's that are designed to produce organized sound. This can mean that any instrument can be termed as a musical instrument as long as it produces sound. Use of musical instruments started way back in history with even the most primitive of people using instruments to produce sounds. Individuals have taken up the study of musical instruments which is known an organology. It is not possible for researchers to say exactly when musical instruments were invented because the definition of a musical instrument just shows that an instrument could be just anything making sound. With advancement in technology, now instruments can be described as anything that has been specifically been produced for the purpose of making music. It is no longer just considered that anything making sound is a musical instrument. As this would mean that hands of a person clapping would be considered a musical instrument. Instruments are now in various types, sounds and attract different groups of people. There�re instruments like the piano which nowadays is used in most popular tracks to accompany music. Its history dates back for a while when there were just manual pianos. Now with advancement in technology pianos are electrically generated to produce music. There are various sounds that are already prerecorded and individuals can set up beats to go along with the sounds. The earliest form of music instruments like the flute has now born other better and sophisticated equipment's. This may be instruments like the saxophones. In the past individuals would use trumpets. They are still in use but not as common as they were in the past. Most use of instruments nowadays requires some level of training before one is able to use them. The equipment's have gotten more sophisticated and if one does not train in their use it is almost impossible to use any musical instrument. The training is usually supposed to help perfect the art of using the instrument. Nowadays individuals can choose to take up playing these instruments as a career and it is no longer just a pastime. Professionals are able to earn a lot just for playing musical instruments to their audiences.

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