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Eat less calories, and burn more calories than you've eaten exercising. The only way to lose weight is if you burn more calories than you consume.

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Does cutting out coke help lose weight?

Yes it does help you lose weight there is a lot of calories and sugars in it

Does eating cake in the morning help lose weight?

No cake has sugar and lots of calories of coarse it doesn't help you lose weight

Is counting calories a good way to lose weight?

Watching calories can help you lose weight, but counting calories does not. Often foods that are healthier for you and your metabolism are more calorically dense, but they help you lose weight in the long run. You need a minimum amount of calories on a daily basis, at least, to not be under starvation.

Can 500 calories a day help you gain weight?

No. On a diet of only 500 calories you would lose weight.

Can aerobics help lose weight?

yes, they burn calories

What are the best foods that will help you lose weight?

Fruits, vegetables, and other foods with high fiber and low calories will help you lose weight.

Do you need to eat lots of calories then burn some off to lose weight?

Your body needs calories to survive. To lose weight, cut your daily intake of calories by 500 and exercise for an hour 5-6 days a week. Ingesting more calories will not help you lose weight.

If you only eat three things a day how long till you lose weight?

There is no way to answer how long it will take to lose weight because it depends on the calories that are being eaten daily. Three things a day may have more calories than six or ten things a day. Losing weight depends on one thing: calories in = calories out.

Will eating only 1200 calories a day help you lose weight?

Well, eating 1200 calories will help people lose weight if they usually eat more than 1200 calories. However, there is also the option of exercising daily or regularly.

Is it true that celery makes you lose weight?

In some ways it can be used to help people lose weight.However, it does not "make" you lose weight or cause weight loss.Also, celery has been claimed that it has 'negative calories'. A piece of celery has about 4 calories, but chewing it burns about 6 calories, so technically, it does have negative calories.

Do you need to burn more calories than you eat to lose weight?

yes to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat for example if you ate 700 caloreis you need to burn about 900 calories that will help you lose weight. trust me it happen for me and it will happen for you

Does walking trampolining and skipping help you lose weight?

Yes, trampolining, walking and skipping will help you lose weight. You have to eat fewer calories to make sure you are actually losing weight.

Does making out help you lose weight?

Yeah, the movement of the tongue burns calories.

Can you lose weight by burning calories?

Yes, if you burn more calories then you eat, then yes you can lose weight.

Does aloe juice really help you lose weight?

No. There's no kinds of certain juices or foods that help you lose weight. The only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn. Usually people just say something will help lose weight to get people to buy their product.

If you count calories will you lose weight?

Counting calories will not make you lose weight. Making sure you act on what you have counted, will. Exercising well and chewing all your food extremely well will also help.

Does asparagus help you to lose weight?

well it is low in calories, has high amounts of fiber, and has many antioxidents so it can help you lose weight when paired with proper exercise and nutrition

Someone who is trying to lose weight should cut calories an take more vitamins?

Well yes, you lose weight by burning more calories then you consume, and vitamins will help replace the nutrients you are missing since you are cutting calories.

Will you lose weight on 2000 calories?

No, you will not. You'll actually GAIN weight. Your weight will stay the same at about 1,400 calories, and you will lose weight at 1000-1,200 calories, depending on your exercise regimen.

Is there anything that can help you to lose weight fast?

Reducing the amount of calories you consume. Eat fewer calories and increase your activity. There is no magic formula to losing weight.

Does standing up help you lose weight?

In general, being more active means you burn more calories. Standing, as opposed to sitting, could potentially help you lose weight.

Does pineapple help you to lose weight?

There really aren't any certain foods that help you to lose weight. It's all about calories in, calories out. If you eat pineapple but then eat a ton of cake and cookies, too, then it won't help you in the weight department. But if you eat pineapple in moderation and with a relatively low-calorie diet, then it can lead to weight loss.

Will doing curl ups help you lose weight?

Just about any type of regular exercise, including curl-ups, will help a person lose weight if they are eating a sensible diet. Unless someone is on a very low carbohydrate diet, they need to burn more calories than they are consuming in order to lose weight. Exercise can help burn calories.

Do blueberries help lose weight?

No fruit, vegetable or other food has the capability to boost your metabolism. Weight loss results when you burn more calories than you consume hence blueberries do not help lose weight.

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