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Naturally occurring and man made elements

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I can find only two types The Mendeleves Periodic table based on Atomic weight of elements and The Modern Periodic table based on Atomic number of elements.

Elements are found on periodic table. Compounds are not present on periodic table. The table does not contains mixture.Elements can be found on a periodic table. Compounds can be made by bonding two or more elements. But they are not depicted on the periodic table.

There are 114 elements in the periodic table, not just 2.

The main distinction is into metals and non-metals.

Elements present in same group of periodic table .

Yes. The two main classification of elements in the periodic table are metals and nonmetals.

The first row of the periodic table contains two elements.

The two elements in periodic table which are liquid are: 1 mercury 2 bromine

The periodic table is only for elements while Ammonium is a compound radical or ion NH4+ it is combination of two elements nitrogen and hydrogen these two are in periodic table.

A compound is made of two elements an element is single all the elements on the periodic table of elements are elements. Compounds are two elements from the periodic table combinded

There are two elements in the period 1 of the periodic table. These are :Hydrogen and Helium

Group 2 elements in the periodic table are the alkaline earth metals.

The two rows at the bottom of the periodic table are called the Inner Transition elements

You will not find H2S on the periodic table. The periodic table contains only elements, and H2S is a compound, made of two elements, hydrogen (H) and sulfur (S).

J and Q are not on the periodic table.

Regular salt is made up of two elements from the periodic table. These two periodic elements are chlorine and sodium.

The periodic table lists element and not minerals.

SO is not on the periodic table of elements. Instead, it is a combination of two elements, Sulfur (S) and Oxygen (O).

basically, the new periodic table have more elements than the old one, but there are just two elements that are swapped in the old periodic table.

It isn't on the periodic table since it is not a single element but a compound made of two elements: hydrogen and chlorine.

The two most reactive groups of elements in the periodic table are the alkali metals and halogens.

No. Phosphate is not on the periodic table, as it is a group or ion involving two elements (phosphorus and oxygen). Phosphorus, however, is on the periodic table.

NaCl (sodium chloride) is not on the periodic table because it is a compound and the periodic table. It is made of two elements which are on the periodic table: sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl).

Elements can be classified in the periodic table by saying it is a substance that cannot split into two or more substances by chemical reaction

they are in the periodic table in this case they have 2 valence electrons

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