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"Distros", or distributions.

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Q: What are versions of Linux operating system?
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Redhat and mandrake are versions of what operating system?

Redhat and Mandrake are not versions of any operating system. Both are itself standalone Linux operating systems.

Is Linux a operating system?

Yes. Linux is a computer operating system.

Is there a small operating system that you can put on your memory stick and run in while still windows?

Certain versions of the Linux operating system can be installed on and booted from a memory stick.

Is it easy to make a custom operating system?

The complexity of make a custom operating system depends on the knowledge of the developer. If you intend to start a operating system from the scratch this could be a enourmous job and take some years to have a very simple and stable version. However it is possible to customize the open versions of existing operating system as Linux. On the internet you could find out that are many others versions of Linux that are frequently updated.

Is Mobile Linux Operating System powerful and Why?

Linux is not an power full Operating system XP is the most powerfull operating system

Who is developing the operating system?

Operating systems are developed by 3 major companies. Microsoft makes Windows, Macintosh makes macs, and Linux makes Linux operatin systems. There are a variety of versions of each OS.

What are the functions of the three system components in the Linux operating system?

1. There is no the Linux operating system.2. Only one component is strictly necessary to make a Linux operating system - the kernel.

What is the difference between Linux and an operating system?

Linux is an operating system kernel. It is a portion of the software that makes up a complete operating system.

What is a Linux based operating system designed by Google?

No, it is not OS is not a Linux based operating system. Giggles is a search engine and created Chrome Operating system. Linux is its own brand of operating system.

What is the current version of Linux operating system and the name of its distro?

there is no "linux operating system". linux is merely a kernel that operating systems can be built upon, of which there are dozens if not hundreds

What is the current versions operating systems for Linux?

You need to include the names of the Operating Systems if you want a answer, because there are hundreds of different Linux variations.

Is Linux a network operating system?

Yes, it can be a networking operating system