What are ways to make your short hair be waist-length without taking pills?

So my hair was short and it grew real quick..what i did was braid it before i go to bed..every night...my husbands mom is a hair dresser so she told me not to wash it everyday..u need your natural oils in your hair..wash it maybe once every 3 or 4 days..keep it braided for those 3 or 4 days if u want it to grow quicker...so wash every 3 or 4 days..and keep it braided..even if its just one braid....oh and yes of course trim it they told me to trim it every 3 months...but whatever u feel..

Take more protein content food it will help you to get early.

Getting a light trim every 3 weeks or so will help your hair grow. It stimulates your hair shaft and root, helping it to grow and I 100% agree with the protein comment above. Protein shakes that you can purchase at health food or vitamin stores that contain 50mg of protein per shake will help. things like Slim Fast do not contain enough protein.

*********Get your hair trimmed regularly but less frequently than 3 weeks. human hair grows about an average of 1cm per month. cut it every 3 weeks and you will be chopping off your new growth and maintaining its short length. trimming your hair does not stimulate your hair shaft and root but it will prevent it from splitting the shaft and thus breaking off. make sure your hairdresser knows exactly how much hair you want trimmed off. you would be surprised how many overestimate the actual size of half an inch. remember that hairdressers are in the business of haircutting and want you to keep coming back. eventually your hair will be so long you can trim it yourself and save a lot of money. keep roots healthy with gentle scalp massage, eat a healthy diet and get good exercise and you should have no problem going from pageboy to princess.**********

Another thing to do is to use hair extensions. These are a quick fix but if you want to do it naturally just keep your hair in good condition. Cut off dead ends and just be patient.

Actually hair grows 1 inch a month for 4 years the takes a 2 month break, sheds dead hair and picks up growing again. This is the average though, it really depends on the person. Definitely eat more protein and I find that switching between straightening your hair and curling it seems to make it grow faster. I'm not sure if it just seems to work, or if you changing up the way your hair goes causes it to grow. Like straighten it once every other day for a month, curl every other day for a month, leave it go natural for a month, then start over. Also I recently started exercising every night before bed for prom time, and that's also when I started switching up my hair style, so maybe a combination of the exercising and hairstyle switch ups work best, also don't forget that protein. One last thing. Do not get your hair cut regularly! This really doesn't work at all, so unless you have bad split ends just let it go until you get the length you want, then get whatever kind of layers you want.

the answer above is RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!! how can curling or straightening your hair make it longer...you are applying 230 degrees to your hair it basically burnt, it isn't so bad when you use heat protectors tho ;) that's what i do :P x

Hair is not alive, its keratin. The best way to grow waist length hair is not not cut it. Split ends are a pain but consider getting one drastic haircut before you grow it out. Diet and exercise go hand and hand, also try to keep hair healthy, you do not need to condition your hair every time you wash it. Try a deep condition once a week. Try not to straighten hair either and if it is necessary use a heat protector.


Try to use non-sulfate shampoo like coconut oil and leimo bio cleansing shampoo or else natural sachet shampoo / variant bottle sunsilk. They can help to grow your hair super fast than normal without using the hair growing shampoo. If you want to add some for shiny and silky hair then use creamsilk conditioner. that's it! very simple.. www.leimo.biz