Cancer (zodiac sign)

What are ways to win over a man?

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Let me not presume to speak for a man but loving his mother would surely be a dart straight to his heart?

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How do you win a cancerian man?

You can win a cancerian man in a number of ways. Now try this :

How does a gay man win a straight man over?

How would a girl win you over? This almost never happens. If the man is won over by another man he is by definition gay or at least bisexual. I can't think of any situation in which a gay man has won over a straight man.

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How do you win a man over?

You don't "win" him. He is not an object or a prize , but a human with his own feelings and thoughts. If you are interested in him get to know him and it could work into something more.

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In America, a man will win custody of children when it is shown that the woman is somehow incompetent, a drug user, or violent. It does happen even though it might not seem that frequent.

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