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What are white spots inside your lips?

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This is more then likely fordyces spots. Ajwilfong They could be cold sores, canker sores or blisters.

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What are white spots on the inside of lips?

Most likely nothing to worry about. But if you chew tobacco it could be oral cancer.

You have white spots on inside and outside of your lips?

See a doctor, please! Could be something as simple as a yeast infection (thrush), a viral infection (herpes, HPV), could be Fordyce's spots, or could be something as serious as cancer.

What causes dark spots on the corner of your lips?

how can i get rid of dark spots on the corners of my lips?

What are the white spots in tuna?

It is caused by a parasite inside the tuna.

What do you have when you have bumps on the inside of your vagina lips and you itch and you have white discharge?


Can you get fordyce spots on your fingers?

Fordyce spots are harmless yellowish white spots that found on the shaft of the penis, the labia, scrotum, or the vermilion border of the lips of a person's face. They may be found in the mouth. They are not found on the fingers.

What are distal spots?

Distal spots are spots of color that appear inside a white marking on the lower leg (such as a sock or stocking). Distal spots are above the fetlock, as opposed to ermine spots, which are below the fetlock.

What are the colors of a leopard?

Normal leopards are orange with brown spots that have orange spots inside the brown ones. Snow leopards are white with black spots and have white spots within the black ones. Panthers are a species of leopard but are jet black so you can't see the spots.

Are pandas black with white spots or white with black spots?

Neither, Pandas have Black and White fur. They do not have spots. if they had spots it would be White with Black spots, but they don't.

What do purple spots on lips mean?

that your can be sick.

What is a brown spider with white spots?

A brown spider with white spots is a brown spider with white spots.

Does a great white have spots?

Not a great white does not have spots

White spots on the cervix?

i have white spots on my cervics,what does that mean?

Small white spots inside my virgina?

i have a spot in my virgina i haven't seen it but i can feel it. should i worry??

Do all horses have a white spot on them?

No. horses can have white spots, but not all have white spots.

What would dark spots on vaginal lips be?

Ur momma!

What causes dark spots on hands and lips?

One thing that causes dark spots on your hands and lips is too much sun exposure. It is important to protect your skin when in the sun.?æ

How do I know if I have mouth cancer?

Excess swelling of the lips or gums. Irregular lumps in the mouth. Unexplained excessive bleeding of the gums. Discolored patches or spots on the inside of the mouth.

How do i know i have Mouth cancer?

Excess swelling of the lips or gums. Irregular lumps in the mouth. Unexplained excessive bleeding of the gums. Discolored patches or spots on the inside of the mouth.

Are white lips signs of drugs?

No. White lips are caused by many other things.

What are lips?

lips are the bumpy things below your nose, they are red or pink and inside it there is teeth, the white, bony things. they are the stinky stuff under your nose that not even your mother goes near

What is the pattern of the white spots on the white tail deer fawns?

Just spots.

Do a key deer have spots on it?

it have white spots on it

Can yorkie puppies have white spots?

Well they can't have spots like round spots, but there can be patches of white on they' re body

Chewing inside of lips?

Chewing the inside of your lips is a nervous habit. This is done when someone is worried or stressed or concentrating on something.