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Then you would say, "i'm sorry, but I'm not really interested." but don't say it with attitude. Say it nicely so he doesn't start crying. Tee hee...

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โˆ™ 2011-03-01 01:17:06
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Q: What are you supposed to do when you guy asked me out and i do not want to be mean but i do not want to go?
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What does it mean when you ask a guy out but don't answer?

it means that the guy doesn't want to go out with you or he is just surprise that you never asked or he has a girlfriend

How do you tell your parents that you want to date the guy that asked you out?

i really like this guy named (blah blah bla) and he asked me out so i want to date him and if they so no do it anyway

Your best guy friend asked you out What should you do?

If you want to, then the thing to do is to go out with him.

What if you tell a guy if he wants to hear abt a guy ulike and he says watever and then says you should ask tht guy out it dus not mean anything does it?

If the guy that asked hoo do u like and he says waters that kinda means he likes u or if that guy asks u hoo u like and he says waterer and u ask the guy out it cud mean that the guy asked u he cud hate the guy u asked out

If a girl told a guy he's hard to read and the guy responds your not supposed to be able to read me but why do you want to read me what does that mean?

it means he doesn't want people to know his emotions, and if he said that he probably thinks that u like him Ok well i do, but because he said that does that mean he doesn't like me or does he not want me to know that he does like me?

What does it mean when you ask a guy out and he says no but he smiles when he says no?

Hi there, he either was shy because he was asked out or he found it funny, if the guy was with his mates, maybe he didnt want to say yes in front of them in case he felt embarrased or he secretly likes the person who asked him out :)

What would a guy mean when I asked him who he likes and he said find out for yourself?

it can mean that he likes you

If you are really good friends with a guy but you want to be more than friends how are you supposed to flirt with him if you are only in fifth grade?

well your just supposed to talk. trust me im in 5th grade i got asked out from talking 5 times but ive said no dont ask

How do you get a guy to say want to go on a date?

Why wait for the guy to ask you I would respect you a lot if you asked me. Take charge, be cute and tell this guy you want to take him to the new batman movie.

What does it mean when a guy asked for a picture of you?

It means he likes you and wants to marry you

What does it mean when a guy asked you to skate with him?

Probably a way of asking u out. 

What does it mean When a guy say do you want to go out with me?

It mean Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

What does it mean when a guy winks at another guy?

they want oral

Is inuyasha a nice guy?

Inuyasha is a nice guy. He just mean as hell what i mean is that he can be nice when he want to be nice and he can be a jerk when he want to be one and he can be sweet when he also want to be one

What does mec tu you fais sourire et je veux que vous etre votre fille mean?

This is not good French. It's supposed to mean "guy, you make me smile and I want to be your gal"

How do you say no to a guy after he's asked you out?

You say sorry but i just want to be friends. Or sorry but no.

What does it mean when a guy ask your friend for your name and said he likes you. But when your friend asked him if he knows you he says Who is that?

That probably means that he likes you, its just that he doesnt want anybody to know.

You want a love letter in pashto?

hello!i was kissing with this guy I'm dating and than he stare at me and asked me with a smile:do you like me at all?what does it mean?is he intrestet in me?!!!

If a guy goes traveling with me does it mean he likes me?

if you asked him and he said yes then probably he does.

If a guy asked you out for Sunday breakfast does it mean he likes you?


Who is supposed to ask the other person out if it is an older girl and a younger guy and the difference is 2-2 in a half years?

The guy should do it. Age is just a number and if the girl asked the guy, that would NOT be romantic at all. So the guy should if he wants to be a gentleman.

You are almost 18 you want to get married so badly now you just need to find the guy how though?

You're supposed to find the right guy, and THEN want to marry him. Not he other way around.

What does it mean a guy says i want you to hold in my arms?

They want to hug you:)

I asked out a guy on the phone but he said no nervousy does this mean he doesnt like me still?


What does it mean when a guy you like asked about your old relationship?

It means like omg he wants you

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