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If he is taking female Birth Control pills forget him. They contain hormones and he is not taking them for birth control.

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Q: What are you to do if a guy takes birth control?
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Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out and your not on birth control?

yes you can actually

How long does it take your body to adjust to birth control?

It takes a month for birth control to become effective and for your body to adjust to it.

What happens when a male takes birth control pills?

Women's birth control pills don't work for men. When a man takes birth control pills his body is affected by the extra estrogen, which can have a serious effects. The lesson is do not take medicine not prescribed for you.

What if a child takes three birth control pills?

A child who takes three birth control pills may have some nausea, but no other short-term or long-term ill effects.

Can a baby's health be at risk from a mom taking birth control?

Generally, only if mom takes birth control while she's pregnant.

What happens if a man takes a birth control pill?

Due to the estrogen in birth control pills, it probably will make a mans breasts grow.

When can you start the birth control pill after giving birth?

After about 4 weeks, sex is not recommended for about 6 weeks birth control takes aprox 2 weeks to become active (pill). If you are breastfeeding birth control isn't recommended there is birth control for breastfeeding mothers, the hormones are lower.

What is the George Lopez episode were Carmen takes birth control?

Prescription for Trouble

If a guy is drunk very bad can woman get pregnant?

Yes! The only birth control for men is the condom. Alcohol has never worked as birth control, quite the contrary.

Does birth control take affect immediately?

No, it takes about 3 days to get into your system fully.

If a guy takes birth control pills for a month what would happen?

Decreased hair, increased breast tissue, decreased sex drive, increased risk of endocrine problems, decrease in testicle size.

How long does it take for your body to be used to birth control pill?

It takes one month for birth control to work effectively in your body & one month before you can have unprotected intercourse.

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