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Babies come from having sex.

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Q: What are your cause on having baby in your womb an early age?
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What are the probability of having a male baby in the womb?

Approx 1/2, except that while it is in the womb, it is not a baby!

If a baby poop and baby has any problem in the womb?

baby poop while in the womb can cause infection in the lungs if the baby swallows it

What cause a woman womb to hurt after sexual intercourse?

A baby

Does virginity cause blockade to come out baby from womb?

A virgin women, who had no sexual intercourse, become pregnant by artificial means. Whether her virginity could cause complications in coming out the baby from womb ?

What are the possible cause for the baby to die inside the womb?

The baby will die easy in you if the placenta detaches!!!!

When can one know the baby genotype in the womb?

We can detect genotype as early as 10 weeks gestation.

How long is a baby in the womb for?

A human baby is in the womb for about 9 months.

When is a person at risk of HIV?

* Having unprotected sex * Blood transfusions * When a baby is in mother's womb

Journey into the womb?

The journey to the womb would be when the female and male had finished having sex then the sperm and egg fertilise and move to the room which the embryo then becomes a baby

What kills a baby in the womb?

There are many things that can kill a baby in the womb. Alcohol consumption, drug use, abortion, and uterus ruptures can kill a baby in the womb.

Is semon good for a baby in the womb?

semen does not cross into the placenta and has no effect on baby in womb.

From where does a baby naturally exit its mother's womb?

The baby exits it mother's womb from the vagina

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