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Hello. Because you missed some pills then you do put yourself at risk of pregnancy. You need to take one pill every day unless you have a 7 day break (or the non-active pills/sugar pills). It is difficult to say how much at risk of pregnancy you are. When you have only started taking BCP, you need to wear a condom for the first month to prevent pregnancy. If you miss a pill or some pills, you need to use extra protection (condom) for seven days.

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Does cough syrup help increase chances of pregnancy?

If you take robitussin, it is supposed to help your body supply more mucus. I don't think it directly "increases" your chances of pregnancy.

What are the chances of pregnancy when sperm do not swim properly?

What are the chances of pregnancy when sperm do not swim properly?"

What is my chances of getting pregnant 1 week after my period and my bf cums inside of me then you had light spotting?

Spotting can possibly be a symptom of pregnancy.

If you have polystatis ovarties and you have all the signs of preg can you be preg or could it be fantoum pregnancy and what the chances of being preg?

You could possibly be pregnant. Your chances of being pregnant are high. You can still have a baby with this disorder.

What are the chances of pregnancy after a tubal ligation 11yeaes ago?

Practicaly the chances of pregnancy after tubal ligation are zero.

You had bv a few times what are your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy?

Your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy from BV is about zero.

How does PID affect pregnancy?

PID decreases the chances for pregnancy.

I had forplay on the 4th and was supposed to have my period on the 22 but i havent had it what are the chances of me being pregnant?

It depends on how you define "forplay".If nothing was inserted into your vagina that could possibly have had semen on it, or if no semen came in contact with your body that could possibly have transferred to your labial area by hand or other method, then chances are slim to none.So, if all you did was kiss and "pet" as foreplay, there is almost no chance. But if your definition of foreplay includes any ejaculate or pre-ejaculate (clear fluid from the penis that happens as a result of arousal) then it is possible.When you say you were supposed to have your period on the 22nd, do you mean today?That seems rather early to suspect pregnancy, but since pregnancy tests will detect pregnancy as early or earlier than the first missed day, there is no harm in testing to be sure.

Does soda reduce chances of pregnancy?


What are the chances of a pregnancy ultrasound being wrong?

There is only a 1% change of a pregnancy ultrasound being wrong. If you've taken a pregnancy test and then go in for an ultra sound to confirm the pregnancy, chances are you are definitely pregnant.

What are the chances of pregnancy without the use of a condom and when you are treating a yeast infection?

THe chances of pregnancy are the same as they are at any other time. You could be pregnant.

What are your chances of pregnancy if your NuvaRing was to come out without you knowing?

If your Nuvaring comes out, then your chances of pregnancy are the same as any female without contraceptive protection.

What are the chances of pregnancy if he just stuck it in and I'm ovulteing?

Pregnancy can still occur.

Would laxatives decrease the chances of pregnancy?

Laxatives will not affect the risk of pregnancy.

What are the chances of pregnancy from pulling out?

Quite high

Does multivitamins increases chances of getting pregnancy?


Could I be pregnant if I had my period but I have some of the symptoms of being pregnant?

If you had normal period (not short! not light!) - your chances for pregnancy are about 1%. If you had unusual period + pregnancy symptoms - you chances or pregnancy are 50%-60%.

The condom mignt have broken what are the chances of pregnancy?

The chances are extremely high...go get checked!

What are the chances of pregnancy if using the pull out method and no birth control?

Your chances are nearly 100%!

What are the chances of getting pregnant at 49 years when your periods are not regular?

It's premenopausal and the chances of pregnancy are theoretical, nonetheless there are chances.

What are the chances of pregnancy using Both a copper IUD and implanon implant?

The chances of pregnancy are as low as they can be if you have sex while using the copper IDU and the contraceptive implant.

Chances of getting pregnant while using condoms?

Condoms lower pregnancy and STD chances by about 98 percent. However the condom might break which spikes chances of pregnancy. Be on a birth control to have double protection.

Can you increase the chances of having a girl in pregnancy?


What are the chances of pregnancy if your periods have been brief and lighter than usual and you are having breast pain?


Are your chances higher of having a multiple pregnancy after already having twins?

My doctor told me the chances are better than 50%, but my second pregnancy gave me a single birth!