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Ha ha! Thats a fun question, well... I'm torn between my Jeggings (i know thats so dumb but I love em!) and my yoga pants.

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Q: What are your most comfortable pants?
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Is pooping your pants illegal?

No, pooping your pants is NOT illegal. It may not be the most comfortable choice but is most definitely not illegal.

Which are the most comfortable work-from-home pants for men in 2021?

Linen Club pants are the most fitting work-from-home linen pants according to the budget that you can stretch.

Are panel pants comfortable?

Panel pants can be comfortable but are not the best for everyone . If you have a smaller stomach this may not be best as they wont sit on the stomach right and wont be very comfortable.

What type of material for women's pants is the most comfortable to work at a desk in all day?

Cotton pants is the way to go. They allow you to breath through the day in any climate in the office and are comfortable for sitting several hours a day.

Why do girls where sweat pants?

Because they are comfortable.

Are nylon basketball pants comfortable?


Where can one find comfortable pants for women?

One can find comfortable pants for women in a local shopping centre for women. This shouldn't be hard to find since most of the stores, specially those stores exclusively for women has wide range of sizes and styles. Macys for example, has wide selections of pants for women.

Are spandex pants?

No, they are pants that are good to work out in. They are very comfortable and they look great, especially on athletes. Gymnasts look the best in them.

In which store can you find good and comfortable track pants under 25?

* * *

How do you wear womens pants?

they are comfortable how do boys wear what you guys wear?

What is the superlative for comfortable?

most comfortable.

Where might one go to purchase comfortable bottoms?

If bottoms refers to pants, then it would depends on what you constitute comfortable. You can find comfortable pajama pants, blue jeans, and slacks at any department store. Examples of department stores are JC Penny's, Sears and Kohls.