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What are your options if you have a car that you don't need anymore but still owe 14K?


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November 15, 2005 3:39AM

Well, your options are the same as if you need the car. You can either continue to make payments on it, or you can sell it. Since I'm sure you already know what keeping the car entails (monthly payments), the other option (selling the car) requires finding someone willing to buy the car and hopefully someone willing to pay at least 14k for it. If you find someone willing to pay at least 14k, then congrats. However, if that's not the case then you either have to make up the difference yourself (by paying cash) or getting a loan for the difference (hopefully no more than 1k or 2k). Keep in mind: you have to have the lien removed from the car before you can sell it and the finance company will not release the lien until the balance is completely paid off. This means, you can't sell the car for 12k and show up to the bank hoping to "take care of the rest" later. Don't mean to sound blunt, but I've seen it a dozen times. So your best bet is to find out what your car is worth (great place to start is If you owe more than it is worth, then selling it may not be a good idea. If you owe less, then selling the car might just be the way to go since you've mentioned you don't need it anymore.