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First option is work strictly for CASH. Cant garnishee what they cant see. Oregon laws are here and here

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Q: What are your options to prevent garnishment if your car has been repossessed in Oregon?
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Can a car be repossessed if a Washington state bank lends to a Oregon creditor?


Can someone be arrested in Oregon for hiding a car that is due to be repossessed?

Only if the lender pushes the issue and its not very likely.

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Can Oregon child support garnish a car wreck settlement?

If the court so orders it, yes. All assetts are subject to attachment (garnishment) in the event of a judgment, except in the very few states where such is not permitted by law. Oregon is not one of these.

What is the maximum wage garnishment for child support in Oregon?

Well the maximum wage garnishment is about 75% in Oregon, but it might be different for child support. For child support the maximum allowed is 60% of after tax income if you are single and have no other children. If you have any dependents, the maximum allowed is 50% of your after tax income. Your employer may also be allowed to charge a "fee" for their services, thereby bringing the amount deducted a little higher.

What is the maximum wage garnishment in Oregon?

25% of your disposable income (per check) 50% if it is about child support. Child support also takes priority over other garnishments.

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If you had a truck repossessed in Oregon and it took over 6 months for the lender to contact you what are your rights?

1. You have the right to appear at the court when they summons you. This will be your chance to convince the judge that you cant pay the money you owe the lender. IF you miss that, its all downhill for you. Good Luck

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