What are your options when you have lost money because of fraud that put you two months behind on your car note and you are unable to catch it up and you receive a threat to repo the car?


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2004-10-29 01:41:28
2004-10-29 01:41:28

The reason you are behind does not matter when you get repoed. Only the fact that you are in default of the contract counts. Your options are cure the default or give up the car. Its NOT a personal thing, just a money deal. The lender didnt loan you money just because of the color of your shoes or that you spoke fluent Swahili, just that you were a good credit risk. Good Luck Depending on your history and amount of payments made you may be able to work out a deal. Most lending companies will defer a payment for you if you pay the 1st past due payment. For example if you owe for September and October you may be able to pay the Sept payment and defer the Oct payment. Make sure you understand the deferment process. Some lenders will add the Oct payment to your last payment. You will end up having to make a double payment when your loan matures. Other lenders will extend your loan 1 or 2 more payments so you don't take such a big hit at the end of your loan.


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