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What area of Canada did Henry Hudson explore?


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Henrey Hudson explored around New york and discovered the Hudson river.


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He explored the area today we call the Hudson River Valley . That's why it is called that name.

he claimed part of Canada, the area around the Hudson river, and part of south America

Henry Hudson was born in England. He explored the area around the current New York area, in addition to Hudson Bay and James Bay in what is now northern Canada.

He explored the Hudson bay area.

I am pretty sure it was Henry Hudson. not positive, but pretty sure.

The Hudson River that runs through New York.

The east coast of Canada.

The new York parts of north america

Henry Hudson traveled across the Atlantic Ocean. He passed through the southern tip of Greenland into a narrow water way that is today known as the Hudson Strait. This journey took Henry and his crew to an area of water that is know named Hudson Bay. They traveled south into James Bay.

Henry Hudson's exploration was important because he discovered the New York Bay area.

North America, the east coast of Canada.

He explored the Northeast and travelled up the Hudson River into what is now called Huston Bay and helped settle the area.

Henry Hudson was an English explorer who worked for the Dutch East India Company, and helped the Dutch colonize the upper New England area. The Hudson Bay, along with different areas in New York are named after Hudson.

Henry Hudson sailed to North America in search of the Northwest passage. However, he did not find it. He got lost in what we now know as Hudsons bay. It is one of the largest bays in the world located north of ontario and lends its name to the famous trading company, the Hudson's Bay Company. This voyage ultimately ended poorly for Hudson as his crew staged a mutiny and marooned him in a little boat. He died within the bay.

A landform near Hudson Bay is the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield is a large rocky area, which is over a billion years old.

He explored the northeastern US coast and sought the Northwest Passage through Canada. He did build any colonies but established Dutch claims to the area, leading to the later founding of New Amsterdam around Manhattan Island (later seized by Britain and renamed New York). The Hudson River (NJ/NY) and Hudson Bay are named for him.

Henry Hudson found New-York for the Dutch in 1609

It is named for Henry Hudson, an English mansailing for the Dutch East India Company, who explored it in 1609. The Hudson River was originally named the Mauritius River, which is claimed to be the name given by Hudson in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau. Alternatively, it is said to be the name given by Sixteenth Century European adventurers, explorers, and fishermen who knew the river as River Mauritius, 'The River of Mountains'.The Hudson River was named after the explorer Henry Hudson who explored that area in the early 1600's for the Dutch.

I think it was because Henry hutson found the hutson bay area the dutch might of wanted to explore that area.

The address of the Hudson Area Association Library is: 400 State Street, Hudson, 12534 1928

The address of the Hudson Area Joint Library is: 700 1St St., Hudson, 54016 1682

John Cabot / Giovanni Caboto explored the Canadian area in the year of 1497.

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