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concentration camps or death camps

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Q: What area would the Jewish sleep during the Holocaust?
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What rights did women have during the Holocaust?

Did you mean what rights did Jewish women have during the Holocaust??? If you did I think they didn't have any rights at all... they would have never had

How did they do roll call during Holocaust?

during the holocaust the Jewish had numbers tattoed on them when they were in the concentration camp these numbers represented who they are this was how they would take roll by looking at the numbers

How many Jewish children did Hitler kill?

The exact number of Jewish children killed during the Holocaust would probably never be known, but it is estimated that 1.2 to 1.5 million children were killed during the Holocaust.

What would happen to half Jewish people during the Holocaust?

From January 1944 on they were sent to camps.

How many Jewish children died during the holocaust?

About 25% of the holocaust victims were under the age of 15, which would make the figure about 1,500,000.

What role did the Jewish religion play after the Holocaust?

After the holocaust the Jewish religion was and still is considered more of a culture, just like it was during the Holocaust. About 6 Billion people make up the worlds population and from that there are only 4 million Jews (a very small amount). There would be a bigger Jewish population if 6 Million+ Jews were annihilated during the Holocaust.

Why did Jewish people write journals during the Holocaust?

so that people would be able to know what happened.

Why did the frank family go into hiding?

During, the time of the holocaust Jewish families would be torchered and they would have to go into hiding.

Why were kids sent into gas chambers during te holocaust?

everyone was sent. Children would have been sent if they were Jewish or if they were gypsies.

What was the Jewish house of worship during the Holocaust?

The Jewish House of Worship has been the synagogue ever since the destruction of Great Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE.However, most Jews in Europe during the Holocaust did not have the freedom to be able to worship in synagogues. They would worship wherever they could if they felt it was important.

What did the prisoners sleep on at the concentration camps during the Holocaust?

The better treatment was straw mattresses with only a thin blanket. The worst was a concrete floor. They also had to sleep on pallets that approximately six people would sleep on.

Are holocaust survivors Jews?

Yes, to be a Holocaust survivor one must have been a victim of the Holocaust, therefore by deffinition one would have to be Jewish.

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