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they found pieces of her clothing and followed a trail to where she was hiding and decided to keep it a secret and never told anyone or cleopatra.

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Q: What artifacts did archaeologist find to prove Cleopatra vii was alive?
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Where can you find artifacts that archaeologist found to prove Cleopatra vii was alive?

In Egypt there are temple carvings of Cleopatra making offerings to the gods. There are also statues of Cleopatra in the Egyptian style and there is a famous bust of someone they say is Cleopatra. But the best evidence for her existence is in the various coins dating to her reign and bearing her picture.

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What is the main duties of being an archaeologist?

finding bones for research and to prove theories of past centuries

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What evidence is given to prove Cleopatra got bitten by a snake?

People were there when the snake bit her. They know she committed suicide

What did Cleopatra prove?

Cleopatra proved that a woman could rule a kingdom in the ancient world where men dominated. However her ending also proved that ambition, greed and self-delusion were three stepping stones to defeat.

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What creature is popularily assocaited with Cleopatra?

The asp, or Egyptian cobra is popularly associated with Cleopatra. That is because of the story that she committed suicide by having one bite her. This method of death is only a myth, but the association persists, no matter what science and logic prove.

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No one knows. All they know is that he drowned in the Nile. As soon as he died, Cleopatra became queen, so she most certainly had the motive. We'll never find out if she did or didn't because there is no factual evidence to prove that she did anywhere in the world.

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