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There are so many that you can't name all of them.

The most important artifacts recovered from the Monument are the eight Zimbabwe Birds.

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How many artifacts were found in great Zimbabwe?


How many bodies and artifacts were found in the great pyramid?

There were a few artifacts found in the air shafts.

What year was The Great Zimbabwe found by Karl Mauch?


Did the mutapa state existed?

It existed after the fall of Great Zimbabwe,it is believed that it was found by Nyatsimba Mutota. Nyatsimba Mutota found the state while he was sent by the king of Great Zimbabwe to search for salt and land. people moved from Great Zimbabwe beacuse the land was no longer fertile.Thats how the state expand

How are artifacts found?

artifacts are found when archaeologist excavate land

Where is Great Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe National Monument is a building or building complex in Zimbabwe.

What was not discovered in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe?

One thing that was not discovered in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe were paintings. Great Zimbabwe is a city in the southeastern hills of Zimbabwe.

What was discovered in the ancient ruins of great zimbabwe?

The ancient ruins were built of so much stone that archeologists believed they were built by foreign influences. During an excavation enough African artifacts were found to determine it was built by the Africans and used for trading.

Sentences with word artifact?

They found a lot of artifacts near the great pyramids in Egypt.

How are artifacts from the titanic found and brought up?

there were 6,000 artifacts found in the titanic

Who discovered The Great Zimbabwe?

the Rozvi people made great Zimbabwe

Why is the bird on the Zimbabwean flag?

It is from a statue found at Great Zimbabwe. It represents the country's history.

What is furthest south Benin City Kinshasa Great Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe is the furthest south of Benin City, Kinshasa, and Great Zimbabwe.

What was Bantu capital city in Zimbabwe called?

Great Zimbabwe.The Bantu capital city in Zimbabwe was called Great Zimbabwe. The current (2014) capital and largest city of Zimbabwe is Harare.

Who traded with the great Zimbabwe?

Arab and Chinese sailors traded with Great Zimbabwe.

When was Great Zimbabwe University created?

Great Zimbabwe University was created in 1995.

Where was the wealthy stronghold of Great Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe is in the south-eastern part of Zimbabwe near Lake Mutirikwi.

Map of Zimbabwe?

Maps of Zimbabwe can be found and bought online from certain retailers. A map of Zimbabwe can also be found in local libraries.

What are the human characteristics of Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

What are the remains of great Zimbabwe?

mainly stone riuns are all that is left of Great Zimbabwe

Are the ancient great Zimbabwe peoples dead?

It is not known what happened to the Great Zimbabwe civilization.

Was Great Zimbabwe a country?

the name is a tribute to the old name Great Zimbawe site of the capital, Empire of Great Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe in the Shona language means Houses of Great Stone

What country did Zimbabwe belong to?

Zimbabwe as Zimbabwe belonged to no other country. Zimbabwe as Rhodesia was a colony of Great Britain.

What does the bird on the Zimbabwe flag mean?

It represents a bird statue which is found in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe; which was an ancient civilization that existed in the region from the 11th century to about the 14th century.

Why the great Zimbabwe wall important?

The Great Zimbabwe wall was important in providing defence against attacks on the capital settlement on the Kingdom of Zimbabwe