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The fact that you are born into your caste and cannot change it until reincarnation (based on Karma and Dharma) is based on the basic laws of Hinduism.

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if you die you can have rebirth into a higher caste system

AUM (or om) is a sound used in Hindu meditation, and karma is a measurement of personal virtue that is an important part of Hindu spiritual beliefs, so both of these are aspects of the Hindu religion.

The Hindu have many different beliefs.-LOL :)))))

The Hindu gods are all aspects of the god Brahma. They represent the main principles of Hindu religious beliefs, such as creation and prosperity.

The Hindu belief system follows that if one leads a good life, through karma and dharma, they will be rewarded through reincarnation

how does ahimsa relate to other hindu beliefs

The practice of Hindu beliefs is Hinduism!!!! If you need more info, go to a encyclopedia and look up Hindu!!!

yes, gandhi was a hindu.

Hindu beliefs about rebirth and karma are tied to the caste system. The Hindu people believe that a persons caste is a result of karma and that deeds in past lives are responsible for ones current position (in the caste).

No, Hindu have different beliefs, Hindus believes that whatever your opinion about God is okay.

No Traditions. Its Hindu mythology

they both express truth The relationship between Buddhist and Hindu beliefs lies in the fact that Buddhism was founded by Guatama Siddharta, a Hindu Prince, about 2 centuries ago.

Hindu Faith has changed by accepting some of Buddhism beliefs.

there are many mottos in the hindu religion. Non-violence, maintaining a good dharma, following the caste system and acheiving moksha. Hinduism is a complicated religion and has many different aspects.

the highest goal of Hindu beliefs is to attian Moksha (liberation) . Some also believe that highest goal is reunion with one Supreme God

XXXVIII = 38 The hindu-arabic numeral system can be found in related link (pictures), as I cannot put pictures here.

each represents aspects of brahman

That depends on the Hindu that is being talked to. There are some Hindus that are atheistic in their beliefs but refuse to be called atheits. There are Hindu's that are fundamental polytheists/monotheists in their beliefs. There is not really a "Hindu" argument for/against relgious experiences.

Some of the most common beliefs are Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, Hindu, and Atheism.

There are lot of pros in Hindu religion- Belief in personal purification- Allowing analytical reasoning of scriptures/beliefs- acceptance of other religious practises The major con of Hindu religion is caste system.

Nobody. Hinduism has no founder (developer).

No they do not. its for Hindu beliefs only.

that we have to be helpful to one another

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