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Potassium bromide has the formula KBr and it contains one atom of Potassium (K) and one atom of Bromine (Br).

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What is the Reaction between fluorine and potassium bromide?

potassium bromide + fluorine --> potassium fluoride + bromide

What are the ions for potassium bromide?

The ions in potassium bromide are the potassium ion, K+, and the bromide ion, Br-.

Potassium Bromide is a?

Potassium bromide is basically a chemical.

What does lead nitrate and potassium bromide make?

lead nitrate + potassium bromide --> lead bromide + potassium nitrate

What is the colour of potassium bromide?

Potassium bromide is a white solid.

What colour is potassium bromide solution?

A potassium bromide solution is colorless.

What is the state of matter of potassium bromide?

Potassium bromide (KBr) is a solid.

When potassium and bromine atoms form chemical bonds what is produced?

Potassium and bromine form the ionic compound potassium bromide with the chemical formula KBr.

Why does chlorine react with aqueous potassium bromide does not react with aqueous potassium chloride?

why does chlorine react with aqueous potassium bromide but bromide doesn't react with aqueous potassium chloride

What does potassium bromide look like?

Potassium Bromide is a white, crystalline powder :)

Is potassium bromide an ionic bond?

Yes, Potassium bromide is an ionic compound.

Is potassium bromide hard or soft?

Chemical formula of potassium bromide is KBr. Potassium and bromide ions make a giant lattice. It is very hard.

What is the ratio of atoms in potassium bromide?

The chemical formula of potassium iodide is KI The molecule contain 1 potassium atom, 1 iodine atom; the ratio is 1.

Chemical formula for Chloride and Potassium Bromide?

Chloride: Cl-Potassium bromide: KBr

Is potassium bromide a weak base?

Potassium bromide is a salt neutral in water solution.

What is the lattice energy for potassium bromide?

The lattice energy for potassium bromide is -671 kJ/mol.

What is the charge of a bromide ion in potassium bromide?

The bromide ion always has a 1- charge.

What is the word equation for the reaction bromine and potassium iodide?

Bromine and Potassium iodide react to form Potassium bromide and Iodine.

What is the compound KBr?

Potassium-Bromide (Potassium + Bromine)

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