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What atoms combine to form sugar?


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Sugar contains oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.


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When atoms combine they form molecules.

Atoms don't combine to form elements, atoms are elements. Atoms are defined as the smallest particles that contains all the properties of an element. Atoms combine to form chemical compounds.

No, atoms combine to form molecules not the other way around.

atoms combine to form molecules

Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.

atoms of elements combine to form molecules of compounds.

Atoms that chemically combine form a molecule.

When atoms combine to form molecules, a chemical change has occured.

Dalton discovered that atoms combine to form molecules.

Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.

A covelant bond is formed when atoms combine.

Atoms combine to form new atoms in the cores of stars. It is possible but quite difficult to combine them in atom smashers on this planet. That is how the trans Uranium elements have been produced.

When two or more atoms of the same element or a different element combine they form a Hydrogen and Oxygen can combine and form a compound (hydrogen dioxide)or two hydrogen atoms can combine and form a compound

Two oxygen atoms combine to form a molecule by sharing electrons

To form different atoms.

Atoms and ions combine by giving and accepting electrons in between them

Atoms combine to form compounds. The reason atoms combine is because the two ports that they both use to connect matches in a way.

When two or more same type of atoms combine chemically they form molecules. When two different atoms combine together they form compound.

they form molecules of the same atoms. like if you take an example , when we combine two atoms of hydrogen (H) then it forms a molecule of hydrogen (H2).

The atoms in the rocks are non-living and the atoms in the organisms are living and the atoms in the rocks do not combine to form living cells and the atoms in the organism combine to form living cells

You can predict how atoms will combine to form a molecule because molecules always arrange their atoms in the same proportions because atoms bond together in predictable ways. :)

Atoms combine to form compounds by either sharing electrons ( in a covalent compound) or by exchanging electrons (in an ionic compound.)

atoms are generally unstable. they combine to form stable molecules

Generally, nonmetals combine to form molecular compounds.

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