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What attack forced the US to get involved with World War 2?


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the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941............

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The attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese forced the US to go to war in the 1940's.

no but it did get the U.S. involved in the pacific war

WWII. It was what got the U.S. involved.

United States did not want to get into World War II. We were forced in to it by the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Yes, they were drafted to protect or attack countries.

We were officialy involved in 1941 when we retaliated the Pearl Harbor attack with an a-bomb on Japan. Less than a week after the attack Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S.

because japan performed a not war declared attack on pearl harbor.

The Japanes attack on Pearl HarborThe German declaration of war on the US

It was the surprise attack on the US naval fleet, stationed in Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, by the Japanese air fleet that forced Americas hand to join with the allied forces.

it was forced to fight against the other countries

All the countries involved had compulsory military service.

Hitler, Germany's Chancellor, refused to maintain treaty agreements from World War I. He invaded neighboring countries, forced Austria/Hungary into becoming an ally to Germany once again, and essentially forced Europe into World War 2.

It wasn't really a battle, it was an attack. The attack onto Pearl Harbor to be exact.

The Japanese wanted to get us involved in world war 2

because Japan launched an attack on Peral Harbor

The dictatorship and the attack in Pearl Harbor caused the US to become into the war because it was in America. This is what started World War 2.

The attack on Pearl Harbour forced the U.S. to take action. As a result of Japan's attack, U.S.A. was forced to enter into war against Japan, in order that no more atrocities would happen. This was World War II. U.S.A. also entered into a war against Germany, because Germany and Japan were allied, U.S.A. and Germany were then enemies.

The US was attacked without having war declared upon them. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the first aggressive act that the US was involved in during World War 2. Technically we were involved before by providing funds, weapons and ships to our allies prior to the attack. After December 7, 1941 - we di not hold back but went into the war full force.

On December 8, 1941, Singapore became involved in the Second World War. The country's entry into the war was forced upon its people. Its involvement began as an unsuccessful defense against an unexpected attack by the Japanese. The Japanese attack sank Singapore's defending British naval forces. The island previously had been so fortified by the British that Singaporeans believed themselves invulnerable to attack. The day after Pearl Harbor proved them wrong.

the attack of pearl harbor was whaen japan bombed a us nava base causing aamerica to get involved into the horrendous war know as world war two.

Hitler caused world war 2 because he launched a full scale attack on Poland which forced the allies to counterattack of the Nazi forces.

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