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What is the fusion of these 3 yugioh cards red gadget green gadget yellow gadget

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Q: What attribute is blue-eyes white dragon?
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In yuigoh world championship 2007 how do you beat the duel puzzle prove your skill?

summon winged rhino chain Needle Ceiling manually chain winged rhino activate raigeki break targeting sakeretsu Armor by discarding winged rhino flip hane-hane targeting hane-hane activate pot of generosity targeting hane-hane and blue-eyes white dragon" activate advanced ritual art summoning shinato king of a higher plane activate birthright targeting blueeyes white dragon attack with shinato king of a higher plane and blueeyes white dragon

What does peta look like?

peta has blueeyes and blond hair

What are the tpes of Bakugan?

there is ventus the wind attribute it is green, subterra earth attribute it is brown, pyrus fire attribute it is red, aquos water attribute it is blue, haos the light attribute it is white, and darkus the darkness attribute it is black.

What is the gold ring on Bakugan card?

The gold ring on a bakugan gate card is called the highlighted attribute. If you have a White Naga, he has no attribute. So, he takes the highlighted attribute. However, he does not keep the attribute, he simply just gets the gate bonus. If it's an ability card, you choose the attribute. You can find White Naga on Hope this helps.

How many pages does The White Dragon have?

The White Dragon has 497 pages.

When was The White Dragon created?

The White Dragon was created in 1978-06.

Who is better the white dragon or the black dragon in Pokemon?

the black dragon is.

How much is your blue eyes white dragon?

My Blue Eyes White Dragon is not for sell

Is the Anglo saxon symbol for England a white dragon or a white wyvern?

It was a white wyvern and technically, a wyvern is a dragon.

What do Bakugan attributes look like?

the darcus attribute is black and purple the haos attribute is white and yellow the ventus attribute is green sub-terra is brown aquos is blue pyrus is red

How many different versions or forms of blue eyes white dragon is there?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Dragon Master Knight (In a way)

What is wavern's attribute?

Wavern is Drago's love interest and it does not have any attribute. Members of "The White Ones" have no attributes and Wavern is also a member of this group.

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