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400 Turbo-hydromatic transmission. FYI: The 501 was not the c.i. of the motor. It was a designation for the Cadillac engine family, which included the 472 c.i. and 500 c.i. engine. If your car is the Eldorado then it is the 500 c.i. engine. Other than the Eldorado, you have the 472 c.i.

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Q: What automatic transmission was used with the 1973 Cadillac's 501 V8 engine?
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What type transmission do you need for a 440 engine going into a 1973 duster?

727 automatic.

What should the timing be set at on a 1973 318 engine?

In a 1973 Dodge Coronet , the 318 was set at ( TDC ) with the automatic transmission ( a 1973 manual transmission equipped 318 was set at 2 and 1/2 degrees BTDC )

How much horse power does a 1973 dodge charger with 400 ci engine and a 3 speed automatic transmission?


What fluid goes in your 1973 Ford automatic transmission?

It should tell you right on the transmission dipstick.

What is a powerglide transmission?

It is a 2 speed automatic transmission that General Motors used from 1950-1973.

What transmission does a 1973 dart 318 engine have?

A-108 transmission.

Which automatic transmission type is in my 1973 ford mustang?


Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Chevrolet laguna automatic wagon 1973?

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1973 Chevrolet Laguna Automatic Wagon is 108 kW and 130 km/h (81 mph) respectively.

What is the idle setting for 1973 Chevy 350?

For 1973, the idle speed for an automatic transmission is 600 rpm when choked, and 450 when warm. For a manual transmission, 900 rpm when choked, 450 when warm.

What type of automatic transmission fluid should be used in a 1973 dodge torqueflite?

dexron III

What is a compatible automatic engine and gearbox for a vw beetle 1973?

any engine carburated i would go with the 1600

What is the length of a driveshaft on a 1973 Chevrolet Nova?

That will vary according to the engine and transmission.

Did 1973 vw beetle come with automatic transmission?

the closest vw beetles came to having an automatic transmission is called an auto-stickit has a gear shifter like a manual trans, but no clutch pedal. you push down on the stick, and then shift gears.

Which is the power of the engine of the dodge charger se automatic coupe 450 cu in 8cyl 1973?

The 440cuin. V-8 had 280hp/340lb-ft in 1973.

What transmission does a 1973 dodge dart 255 engine have?

more than likely it's an A-901.

How do you change a 1973 beetle from manual to automatic?

The beetle never offered a full automatic, they did make a "auto-stic" This transmission was a 3 speed and had to be shifted but there is no clutch pedal, the clutch is operated by contact points in the shifter. I am sure it would be more practical to buy a differant car with the transmission you prefer

Where is the starter located on a 1973 vw?

The same place all of them are, between the engine and transmissionat the flywheel.

What is the fork oil capacity for Honda XT75 1973?

For this bike, Honda recommends 3.6 to 3.7 oz of Dexron Automatic Transmission fluid in each fork.

Why is water antifreeze coming out between block and transmission on 1973 350?

There is 2 freeze plugs between the rear of the engine and the transmission. The freeze plugs are in the back of the engine block. Do not bother the big plug that is in the center of the block, That is the cam plug NOT A FREEZE PLUG. YOu will either have to pull the transmission are the engine to replace those 2 plugs.

Will a steering column from an automatic transmission 1979 Chevy pickup without tilt wheel fit in an automatic transmission 1983 Chevy pickup with tilt wheel?

yes 1973 to 1983 will work because this is before 1984 when wipers moved to the column in the full size trucks. it will bolt right in directly. good luck

Can you put a stock 1999 transmission from a dodge ram truck in your 1973 dodge dart swinger?

Anything is possible, but the automatic in a 1999 Ram needs a computer to shift.

What 4 speed transmission will bolt on a 1973 dodge dart with a 318?

any 4 speed tranny from a 340 engine will bolt to a 273, 318, or 360 engine as they are all the same engine block.

How many vacuum lines does a 1973 1600cc vw engine have?

It depends on which distributor and transmission you have. The stock distributor has one vacuum line going to it. An autostick transmission has one line. If you have a manual transmission and a Bosch 009 distributor like most people do, you have no vacuum lines.

The US had its first automatic dishwasher in what?


On a 1973 dodge charger when pulling the motor off the transmission out put shaft is there any diffaciulty?

sometimes you have to wedge a screwdriver between the back of the engine and the tranny to pry the engine off the dowel pins on the tranny case.