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They've won a Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award. They've also won a What Perez Sez on VH1. They are nominated for 6 Teen Choice Awards, and they probably will win one.

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How many Grammy Awards did the Jonas Brothers win?

The Jonas Brothers never won a Grammy Award.

Did the Jonas brothers win in AMA?

They won T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist award

Why didnt the Jonas Brothers win the grammys?

Because Adele won...and anyway, Adele is newer than the Jonas Brothers, and the award WAS for best new artist... i still wanted them to win though ;)

How can you win soundcheck tickets for Jonas Brothers?

you can win soundcheck tickets for Jonas brothers on the radio, t.v.

How can you get ahold of the Jonas Brothers?

Win a Jonas Brothers contest Get their attention at their concerts

When did the Jonas Brothers win their awards?

Click on the link below for the Jonas Brothers awards information.

Who do the Jonas Brothers like steelers or cardinals?

The Jonas Brothers wanted the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl.

How can you hang out with the Jonas brothers?

win a contest!

What song will the Jonas Brothers perform at the AMA Awards?

The Jonas Brothers performed S.O.S. at the 2007 American Music Award, and Tonight in 2008.

What awards have the Jonas Brothers won?

I know that the Jonas Brothers had won the KCA ( Kids Choice Awards ) award. I love the Jonas Brothers so much. Click on the link below for more information.

What award show did the Jonas brothers host?

The teen choice awards

Did the Jonas Brothers win any Grammy?

Fortunately, No they did not. They were Nominated for Best New Artist which went to Adele, a british singer-songwriter. They did win the same award at the American Music Awards however.

Can you buy Jonas brothers soundcheck tickets?

No, you have to win them!

Is the Jonas brothers is going to be at the Golden Globes awards?

Yes, they will give out an award.

How do you win a day with the Jonas Brothers?

By entering contests which state "Win a day with the Jonas Brothers". Hehe XD. Just enter as many contest you can find until you meet them.

How can you meat the Jonas Brothers?

You have to either buy a backstage pass to one of there concerts, or win a contest saying you get to meet the Jonas Brothers.

Will the Jonas brothers be at the 2009 Grammy Awards?

yes they willl!! and lets hope that nick will look as hot as always and win an award and perfom!! luv, nicks #1 fan!!

Have the Jonas brothers ever met the Naked Brothers Band?

Well since all celebrities tend to go to award shows and other celeb functions, the Jonas Brothers and the Naked Brothers band have probably met.

Win Jonas brothers tickets by taking a quiz?

no you have to buy the tickets you can`t just win them

Is there ever going to be another win a date with the Jonas brothers contest?


How can you audition for the Jonas Brothers?

MICKEY: I love the Jonas Brothers and I so would the first person to audition if it was possible but, you CAN'T audition for the Jonas Brothers! The Jonas Brothers are already a band, but you can audition for CAMP ROCK, a camp that the Jonas brothers introduced. Go to and search the contest menu. There should be one that says, win tickets to see the Jonas Brothers and attend CAMP ROCK. Anyway, hope that helps.

How did the Jonas Brothers come up that name?

Their last name is Jonas and they are brothers... Jonas, Brothers, Jonas Brothers.

What award are the Jonas Brothers presenting?

The Jonas Brother's don't have any awards coming to them soon, there are no award shows. The Oscars are coming out this following weekend. Don't miss them! I hope I helped. Your friend, Amy!

How can you win a date with the Jonas brothers?

sometimes there will be a sweepstakes in a magazine and stuff like that

When will be the next contest to win a date with the Jonas brothers?

never because your sad

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