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Gary Paulsen

What awards did Gary Paulsen the author win?

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Gary has received Newbery Honor Awards for 3 of his books, Hatchet, Dogsong, and The Winter Room, and his books frequently appear on the ALA Best Book List, too.

He has won three. DOGSONG,1986 - HATCHETT,1966 & THE WINTER ROOM, 1990.

No, but He did finish; no small feat in itself.

well he finished the race but he did not win first place and i am not sure what place he got when he finished

because his book are amazing like "Base ball in April

Awards and recognitionNewberry Honor Book1986 - DogsongNewbery Honor Book 1988 - HatchetNortheastern Minnestoa Something something 1989 - The Winter RoomNewbery Honor Book 1990 - The Winter RoomWestern Writers of America Golden Spurs Award- (Year unlisted) -The Haymeadow

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