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Q: What bad things did the Germans do in world war 1?
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What were the fritz?

A bad name for the Germans durring World War 2

What was the important cause of World War I?

The important cause of world war 1 was the gverment and the need for power the germans had and the bad goverment

Why were the Germans hurt after world war 1?

They were forced into signing the Treaty of Locarno, which stated that Germans pay the costs from the war among other things.

What bad things came from world war 1?

World War 2 and an economic depression.

Why do Jews fight Arabs when their real enemy was the Germans?

Things have changed since World War 2 ...

What was the nickname for the Germans in world war 1?

Germans wer often called "Huns" by their enemies in World War I

Were the soviet troops on the good or bad side in 1945in World War 2?

They were on the allied side in ww2 but their actions were bloodthirsty against the Germans because of how harsh the Germans attacked them.

What did Germans start?

Germans started World War I in 1914 and World War II in 1939. Additionally, Germans initiated the Holocaust during World War II which led to the systematic genocide of six million Jews.

What war was fought and lost by the Germans?

World War 1 and World War 2

What were things like in the US during world war 2?

Life was pretty bad for the poor, but not as bad as the depress; on that the war ended.

Did the Germans fight in World War 2?

All of it. The germans started it with Hitler.

World War 2 was to be a what of World War 1?

world war Two was sparked by World War One the Treaty of Versailles was imposed on the Germans putting them in mass debt the Germans became inraged Hitler took advantage and World War Two begins