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Q: What band did Kurt Hammett play in originally?
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What band does Kirk Hammet play?

Kirk Lee Hammett is a guitarist for Metallica. Hammett was born November 18, 1962. Prior to joining the band in 1983 he formed the band Exodus. He has also written some songs for Metallica.

What part of the band did Kurt Cobain play?

Lead singer with some guitar thrown in.

Who taught Kirk Hammett to play guitar?

Joe Satriani

How many hours did kirk hammett play guitar?

about 30 years.

What band did legendary guitarist Joe Walsh originally play for before going solo?

James Gang

What band originally performed the music for the theme song for dog the bounty hunter?

coldplay play the song

Who is the lead singer of foo fighters?

He is called Dave Grohl and he used to play the drums for Grunge band Nirvana but Kurt Cobain (lead singer of Nirvana) died so Dave decided to form a band in memory of Kurt. In the band, he is the lead vocalist and plays the guitar. There is three guitarists in the band and 4 members in total. Hope this helped :)

Which band recorded the song Play That Funky Music?

The band that recorded the song 'Play That Funky Music' was Wild Cherry. Originally the song was recorded by Robert Parissi and hit number one in 1976.

Are the members of nirvana all dead?

No, Kurt is the only member of the band that died. All the other members from the very beginning until the day that Kurt died are still alive and most still play music.

Who became leader of Nirvana after Kurt Cobain's death?

Nirvana ceased to play music as a band when Kurt died with the exception of the assembling of previous live performances being released on an album, and some previously unreleased recordings.

When did Kirk Hammett learn to play guitar?

When he was 15, with a cheap Montgomery Ward guitar.

How do you play guitar like kirk hammett?

Learning the Locrian Mode will help alot

Did kirk hammett sister play the little girl in the video turn the page?


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