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Q: What bands are at balloon fest weekend?
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What date is Fright Fest held in the UK?

There is no definite date, but the UK Fright Fest is held during the Bank Holiday weekend. So whichever dates fall on that weekend is when the festival will be held.

What are some bands like vampire weekend?

Some bands like Vampire Weekend are Mariachi El Bronx, The Verve, and Fun. Check 'em out.

What are the release dates for The Weekend - 2010?

The Weekend - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010 (Method Fest Independent Film Festival)

What kinds of silly bands are there?

In harmelys art fest,rock band,forest,zoo

What genre are the Fray and Vampire Weekend?

they are alternative rock bands

What are some bands that have a similar sound to Disturbed?

Thank you, disturbed is a good band. Similar bands are Slipknot, 5 Fingered Death Punch, anyone who played at Mayhem Fest 2008.

Is the fright fest at six flags only on weekends?

Six Flags has many festivals and special events during its operating season. In October the parks hold Fright Fest leading up to and sometimes including Halloween. Typically, this is just a weekend event as the parks normally go to weekend only hours following Labor Day.

What bands do Selena Gomez listen to?

I know she likes Allstar weekend and paramore

What are the dates of 2010 voodoo fest?

I believe it's Oct. 29-31....I think it's always the last weekend of the month. :-)

Do you have to come on the exact day your ticket says for Leeds fest or wont they let you in?

If your ticket is only for one day, yes. If it's for the weekend, no.

Where is the Bristol balloon fiesta?

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is held each year in the second weekend in August at Ashton Court park in Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom. Launches occur from the Thursday before the weekend and carry on until the Sunday evening, launching morning and evenings. On Saturday there is a huge firework display and balloon glow, with the balloons lighting up in time to music.

If you like Vampire Weekend panic at the disco and head automatica what other bands might you like?

The Ropes

What is a punching balloon?

punching balloons are balloons that have rubber bands attached to it then you blow it up into a big balloon then put your hand on the rubber band hold it into a fist shape and start punching it

What all bands are going to be at edge fest 19?

Korn, 311, Blue October, Papa Roach, Shinedown, Taking Back Sunday, The Used and more.

How do you make your own hair tie?

To make your own rubber hair tie, you need a balloon and scissors. First, cut the top off of the balloon. Discard the top of the balloon. Now, cut the balloon neck into strips about 1 cm thick. You can use these strips as hair ties, or rubber bands.

What other bands sound like Vampire Weekend with fast and slow paced songs?

You could try The Strokes

Who sings the holiday song in the new Honda commercial?

Sounds like one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend.

What is a jazz festival?

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, is the annual celebration of the music and culture of New Orleans. Often known just as Jazz Fest. The New Orleans Jazz Fest began in 1970 and is still an annual event today.Jazz Fest is currently held during the day, between the hours of 11am and 7pm. The weekends are the last weekend in April (from Friday through Sunday) and the first weekend in May (Thursday through Sunday).Though this is information on the New Orleans Jazz Fest, most Jazz Festivals have one common root, the celebration of music and culture.

What bands are performing at x-fest 2012 in huntington west virginia?

The Beatles Nirvana Jimi Hendrix and Justin Bieber

What is the indie bands name whos albums cover art is a cartoon hot air balloon?

Circa Survive- album is On Letting Go

What are some of the fun outdoor events of Catskills in NY?

The Bravarian Summer fest will be held June 22nd and 23rd, which will have lots of food, drinks and bands, a great family event to attend. The East Durham Irish Festival is on the 25th and 26th of May with some great bands on the list.

If you like vampire weekend what other bands would you like?

try looking at general Happy indie music: OK GO, the kooks or the macabees

What is the birth name of Tiffani Fest?

Tiffani Fest's birth name is Tiffani Fest.

What is the birth name of Joachim Fest?

Joachim Fest's birth name is Joachim Clemens Fest.

What was fermat fest?

fest of bed bugs