What battle in New York brought France ally?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What battle in New York brought France ally?
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Who aligned themselves with the colonists after the battle of Saratoga?

France had been a covert ally prior to the battle by supplying weapons and war material. The Battle of Saratoga brought them in as full partners in the war and also brought Spain in as supplier of weapons and financing.

Who became an American ally after the Battle of Saratoga?

The French

What made France willing to become an ally of the US?

Battle of Saratoga

What battle persuaded France to become an American ally during the french revolutionary war?


Who did the Americans gain as an ally in 1777?

The Americans' defeat the British at Saratoga ,New York, and convinces France to aid them.

Why was ben Franklin in France during most of the revolution?

He was attempting to convince France to ally with the Americans in the war, which he eventually did, and the French were what made the British surrender in the final battle of the war.

Why were the french willing to help Americans against the british?

The American victory at the Battle of Saratoga convinced France to become an ally of the United States.

Who was the first ally of the US?

Britain, France, and Russia, but Russia became an ally when they realized that Hitler had gone back on their promise. I do not know about France, but I am pretty sure.

How did France take over Texas?

they didn't france was our ally

Was France an ally or enemy for Japan?

France was an enemy of Japan.

Which battle was a turning point in the war?

The American victory at Saratoga persuaded France to enter the war as America's ally, sending troops, ships, and funds.

Who was France's first ally?

The UK