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North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam on 30 April 1975 with a conventional tank & infantry attack.

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Q: What battles did Vietnam win and what year and month and what battles did they lose?
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Vietnam's average income is $1,000 per person a year or $32-50 a month

What Day Month Year did the Americans come into the Vietnam war?

See: Eisenhower

What year did France lose control of Vietnam?

After the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954.

Why does the US lose Vietnam?

we didn't lose Vietnam. We simply left when President Nixon went into office. We trained the south Vietnam people to fend for themselves and slowly took troops out, then when the two Vietnam's called a peace treaty for the new year celebration Tet north Vietnam issued several attacks on South Vietnam. So the side we were helping lost but truthfully we did not lose.

How much a year does the President of Vietnam make?

The President of Vietnam makes a salary equal to $240.00 US dollars per month.

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What happened on New Year's Day in the Vietnam War?

TET is normally celebrated around the first month of the new year. As far as the Vietnam War is concerned, there was only one memorable TET celebration by the Vietnamese, and that was in 1968.

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What year was the height of Vietnam war?

'68, this was not only the year of the communist's offensive, but also the year the US was drafting 40,000 men a month! (wrong). 1972 Easter offensive Operation Linebacker

When did the US start fighting in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War started in the year 1959.The Vietnamese War was one of the most brutal battles ever fought. It lasted for a period of 16 years. It exact date on which ceasefire was called was 30th of April 1959. The war was fought between DRV (democratic republic of Vietnam) and the 'Republic of Vietnam.' United States of America had allied with the Republic of Vietnam to fight the Vietnam war.

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In what year did Vietnam split into North and South Vietnam?


What year did the battle of the Ia Drang in Vietnam take place?

The morning of November 14, 1965, It started with several platoons of American troops landing by helicopter at a clearing located in the Ia Drang River Valley, Vietnam. This was the first of several battles in the area.

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What year did U.S go into war with Vietnam?

The United States went into war with Vietnam in the year 1965.

Year by year how much money was spent by the US in the Vietnam War?

Begin with websites: Statistics about the Vietnam War & Vietnam War Time-Line