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What bays are in Europe?


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March 30, 2010 9:54PM

Probably the best known and largest Bay in Europe is the Bay of Biscay located to the west of France and to the north of Spain which has an area of 85,000 square miles. Other sea areas called Bays are Cardigan Bay is to the west of Wales, the Bay of the Seine in the north of France west of the port of Le Havre, Galway Bay, Clew Bay and Donegal Bay on the west coast of Ireland and Lyme Bay and Tor Bay on the south coast of England and the Bay of Setubal to west of Portugal The term Bay is also used for the Pomeranian Bay to north of Poland. But otherwise in most of the rest of Europe other terms are generally used to name sea inlets. The term Golfo is used to name sea inlets into Spain and Italy, and the bay-like inlet into Amsterdam in the Netherlands is called the Zuider Zee. The term Bucht is the term for sea inlets into northern Germany and the term Fjord for sea inlets in western Norway.