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Typically Catholic.

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Q: What beliefs do Italians have?
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What are religious beliefs in Italy?

Italians are mostly Roman Catholic.

Do Italians believe in Buddha?

Yes and no. Those Italians who hold other or no beliefs don't believe in Buddha. Those Italians who respect Buddhism as a religion believe in Buddha.

What are the cultural beliefs of Italy?

Most Italians are probably Roman Catholics since the Vatican is located in Italy.

What are the citizens of Rome Italy called?

They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.They are called Italians.

Who brought olive oil to America?

the Spanish actually brought olive oil to America, not the Italians contrary to popular beliefs

DO italians have a traditional family meal?

it depends on the religion or beliefs your family has. a traditional meal includes a antipasta if you are eating formal.

What is the Italian religious belief?

Most of Italians are Catholic, which is a Christian Religion. But there are other religious beliefs there, in a smaller numbers, such as Judaism, and Muslim

How do you spell Italians?


Who made the gallardo?

italians italians

Did Italians migrate to Albania?

Yes, there are a lot of Italians in Durres or Vlora. Albanians love Italians and Italians love Albanians too.

What are Italians?

Italians are people in or from the country of Italy.

Are Italians Arabs?

No. Italians are considered Europeans.

How many Italians live in Australia?

"How many Italians live in Australia?""How many Italians live in Australia?"

Where Italians live?

Italians live in the top part of NSW and in Sydney. The Italians value there stay, but that doesnt mean that all Italians live in Sydney. 45% of Italians live in other states other than NSW.

What do northern Italians call southern Italians?


Why did Italians come to American?

why did Italians come to American

Why did the Italians come to Canada?

Why did the Italians come to Canada

How many Italians have participated in the Olympics?

5 italians

What percentage of Italians are Christian?

87.8% of Italians are Christian

Who are Black Italians?

If you could explain your question a bit clearer,I might be able to help you.What exactly do you mean: Who Are Black Italians?do you mean:Who are the band Black Italians?Can you get Black Italians?Please get back to me!I have heard Sicilians referred to as "Black Italians"

Do Italians like Mexicans?

Well, doesn't have to be Italians anyone from different ethnic grouops can like someone from another ethnic group if they find them attarctive.. Italins tend to be or stick with European to keep their beliefs in religion. Most Italians will marry other Italians. But in my opinion not very many Italins like Mexicans/ Hispanics. To me, Hispanics have a really bad attitude problem and hard to understand.. Italins usually like upper class people with a good education... I'm speaking from my Sicilian roots...

Are Italians caucasian or white?

Italians are generally considered to be Caucasians.

What pasta did the Italians invent?

The pasta Italians invented was spaghetti.

How many Italians live Italy?

There are 92% Italians in Italy!!!!!!!!

What religion are Italians?

Christians. Most Italians are Roman Catholic.