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What berries can be found in the Pokemon games Diamond and Pearl?

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The following berries are for use in battle:

* Cheri: cures paralysis * Chesto: cures sleep * Pecha: cures poision * Rawst: cures burn * Aspear: cures freeze * Leppa: cures 10 PP * Oran: cures 10 HP * Persim: cures confusion * Lum: cures any status ailment * Sitrus: cures 30 HP

These berries all cure a small amount of HP but may cause confusion depending on the type of food it dislikes:

* Mago * Wiki * Figy * Aguav * Ipapa

These berries are for mainly poffin use:

* Razz * Bluk * Nanab * Wepear * Pinap

* Cornn

* Magost

* Rabuta

* Nomel

* Spelon

* Pamtre

* Watmel

* Durin

* Belue

These berries will each raise a stat depending on the amount of HP the user has:

* Liechi

* Ganlon

* Salac

* Petaya

* Apicot

* Lansat

* Starf These berries will raise a pokemon's happiness but will lower a stat:

* Pomeg * Kelpsy * Qualot * Hondew * Grepa * Tomato These berries will lower a super effective attack:

These berries will cause recoil if the holder is hit by a special move:

The Enigma berry restores HP if hit by an attack that was super-effective.

The Cutsap and Jaboca berries will

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Q: What berries can be found in the Pokemon games Diamond and Pearl?
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Are there any PokΓ©mon that are in PokΓ©mon Pearl but not Diamond?

Palkia is the legendary Pokemon in Pearl, and there is also various Pokemon found in Pearl, but not in Diamond. Diamond has some, that Pearl doesn't have.

Where can apicot berries be found in Pokemon diamond?

they r not in this game

Pokemon found in diamond but not in pearl?

mime jr

Where do you find skuntank on pokemo n pearl?

trade from Pokemon diamond. it is only found in Pokemon diamond

What kind of fossils can you find in Pokemon platinum?

The same you find in diamond and pearl.what kind of fossils do you get in Pokemon pearl and diamond?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!I have only found armored fossils.. ^.^ --- Animegurl44I have found some skull fossils in diamond but i don't have pearl - Flagball

What is a dusk stone for in Pokemon Diamond?

It can evolve Pokemon. Here is a list of what it can evolve: Misdreavus---> Mismagius Murkrow---> Honchkrow If your going to get Pokemon diamond/pearl,please beware of the type of Pokemon you can find.For Example,Murkrow can only be found in Diamond,not Pearl or Glamow can be found on Pearl but not on Diamond,But what i mean is there's only 2 Pokemon (In Diamond/Pearl) that can be found on each game. Here's the list: Murkrow---> Honchkrow (Diamond) Stunky---> Stunktank (Diamond) Misdreavus---> Mismagius (Pearl) Glamow---> Purugly (Pearl)..... But 1 other thing,only 1 Pokemon (In each game) can be used with dusk stone,so pick WISELY....

Where can you catch a glameow?

Glameow cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. This kitty pokemon can be found in Pokemon Pearl on route 218 and 228. Glameow can be traded to Diamond from Pearl.

Where can you get slowpoke in Pokemon Diamond?

Slowpoke cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. This Pokemon can be found on route 205 in Pokemon Pearl using the pokemon radar and traded to Diamond.

In which Pokemon version is Lucario found?

diamond or pearl or platinum.

Pokemon that can only be found in pearl but not in diamond?

Go to

Where are Gible in Pokemon Diamond?

Gible can be found in Wayward Cave, which is a secret area found under the Cycling Road in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Should you choose Pokemon diamond or pearl?

they are the same.the only difffernce is there is palkia in pearl and digla in diamond i like diamond the best shieldon can be found only in pearl and cranidos can only be found in diamond same as misdreavius and murkrow

How do you catch bonsly on Pokemon diamond?

It isn't found in dimond. however it is found in pearl. to get it you have to trade from a pearl version.

Is the griseous orb in Pokemon Pearl?

No it's not it can only be found in Pokemon Platinum in the Distortion World and cannot be traded to Pokemon diamond or pearl with it.

What games is the Pokemon Snorunt found?

Snorunt can be found in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

How do you catch Infernape in Pokemon FireRed?

Infernape FireredInfernape is new to Pokemon pearl and diamond, and cannot be found in any Gameboy games. It's only in Pearl and Diamond. I have Pokemon pearl and an infernape myself. You can tranasfer Pokemon from GBA Pokemon games to diamond and pearl, BUT NOT, vice versa. email me plz at

Where is the place where you mix berries on Pokemon diamond?

The house in which you can mix and bake berries into Poppins can be found in the southern area of Veilstone City.

Pokemon Diamond pokedex 146?

Pokemon # 146 is Uxie in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Acuity just left of Snowpoint City. Pokemon # 147 Mesprit in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Verity just left of Twinleaf Town. Pokemon # 148 Azelf in Pokemon diamond and Pearl and can be found in a cave at Lake Valor between Pastoria City and Veilstone City. for a list of all other Pokemon you can check out this site...

How do you get articuno on Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Diamond, I found Articuno in Safari Zone, I just don't know if it works in Pokemon pearl, (Area 1)...

What Pokemon are their in the 2 fosils?

The 2 Pokemon you can get from fossils in Diamond and Pearl are sheildon and cranidos. Cranidos is revived from skull fossils, which are only found in Diamond and shieldon are revived from armor fossils, which are only found in Pearl.

Where to get trapinch in Pokemon Pearl?

Trapinch can be found on route 228 on both Diamond and Pearl using the PokeRadar.

How do you evolve rhydon on Pokemon diamond?

Trade it when it is holding a Protector. In Diamond and Pearl, this is found on Route 228.

What are the mushrooms for in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is a person that takes them i havent found him yet.....

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex?

The complete Pokedex can be found on