Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What berries can be found in the Pokemon games Diamond and Pearl?

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The following berries are for use in battle:

* Cheri: cures paralysis * Chesto: cures sleep * Pecha: cures

poision * Rawst: cures burn * Aspear: cures freeze * Leppa: cures

10 PP * Oran: cures 10 HP * Persim: cures confusion * Lum: cures

any status ailment * Sitrus: cures 30 HP

These berries all cure a small amount of HP but may cause

confusion depending on the type of food it dislikes:

* Mago * Wiki * Figy * Aguav * Ipapa

These berries are for mainly poffin use:

* Razz * Bluk * Nanab * Wepear * Pinap

* Cornn

* Magost

* Rabuta

* Nomel

* Spelon

* Pamtre

* Watmel

* Durin

* Belue

These berries will each raise a stat depending on the amount of

HP the user has:

* Liechi

* Ganlon

* Salac

* Petaya

* Apicot

* Lansat

* Starf These berries will raise a pokemon's happiness but will

lower a stat:

* Pomeg * Kelpsy * Qualot * Hondew * Grepa * Tomato These

berries will lower a super effective attack:

These berries will cause recoil if the holder is hit by a

special move:

The Enigma berry restores HP if hit by an attack that was


The Cutsap and Jaboca berries will

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