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House Sparrow is a bird found all over the bird. It is known to lay eggs that are green in color with brown or grey spots.

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the animal that lays a pink and brown speckled egg is a flamingo so write it down on piece of paper so you wont need to go on internet and ask it again... KK got in fine

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the "host bird" is the large bird that lays green eggs !!!

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bird that lays brown eggs

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Q: What bird lays a pink and brown speckled egg?
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What bird lays brown spotted pink eggs?

The bird egg you are concerned about is a red breasted nutchtcher.Google it if you do not believe me.

What bird lays a Pink small 1 bird egg?

Salmon eggs are pink, and very small. :)

What color are wrens eggs?

There are many species of wren and many more birds that are called wrens. Egg colour varies. European wrens (t. troglodytes) lays white eggs with tiny pink-brown spots at the blunt egg.

Are all eggs brown?

The shells can be brown or white.or even pink or green or even poke a dots on them it depends on the breed of bird it is for camo. in the wild

Is my parakeet a boy because of his pink and purple cere?

sexing a budgie is relatively easy. if the bird has a blue cere its a male if it has a pink or brown cere its a female

Can Pink-Pink be a boy bird?

no -They can if they are a flamingo! Or some other pink bird... But the Hink-Pink "boy bird" MIGHT just be a "Male Quail".

What kind of chicken lays green eggs?

The breed of hen determines the size and color of the egg she will lay. Check out the related links for a web site that tells you what kinds of egg a breed lays. See: Hendersons breed chart.

What do chicken lay?

Eggs. Some lay white, brown, pink, or even green. Some have speckles it depends on the type of chicken that lays the egg.

What is the name of pink bird zooble?

i think pink bird zooble is pinky

What kind of wild birds lay small pink eggs?

I am not sure where you live, I live in central Florida, and I stumbled across a nest in my yard, looked up white and pink speckled eggs, and came across your question. Unfortunately I had no luck with my search for white and pink. However, because I like wildlife (as you probably do, too, or you wouldn't be curious about the layer of the eggs) I looked up common birds to my area. Upon looking up chickadee eggs, in an images link, the nests galore teaming with little pinkish speckled looking eggs popped up. However, the house wren also has a speckled egg, so it could be either. There are a variety of chickadees, we have the brown ones all over our land, and just so happens that there might be more in the coming month if this nest and its little inhabitants make it. Hope this helps. I found my information at They have a bunch of different photos and information about common birds.

Is pink better than brown?

yes brown is better than pink

How do you tell if a budgey bird is a male or female?

People say to tell the difference the area where the nostrils are at will be pink or light brown for a girl and blueish for a boy. People say to tell the difference the area where the nostrils are at will be pink or light brown for a girl and blueish for a boy.