What birds eat plankton?

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What do birds in Antarctica eat?

Fish and plankton from the sea.

Do sea birds eat plankton?

Yes, sea birds commonly eat plankton. They also commonly munch on worms, other sea creatures, and tiny aquatic fish.

Do whales eat shrimp?

no they only eat plankton no they only eat plankton no they only eat plankton

What do plantons eat?

I think plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons

What do mutton birds eat?

"Mutton birds" refers to several species of large shearwaters (a type of pelagic bird). Shearwaters typically eat squid, crustaceans, plankton, or fish.

Do plankton eat plants?

no plankton do not eat plants

Can an eel eat plankton?

the answer is yes, they do eat plankton

Fish that eat plankton?

Cod eat Plankton

Do flamingos eat plankton?

yes, they do eat plankton

Does the dolphin eat plankton?

Dolphins do eat plankton.

Do tuna eat plant plankton?

Of course they eat plankton if they are in a river that is. Every river has plankton and fish the fish will always eat plankton unless they are carnivourous.

Do plankton eat fish?

Plankton do not eat fish. This is because plankton are normally producers meaning they produce their own food. Normally fish eat plankton.

Can whales eat plankton?

Yes, whales eat plankton.

What eats plankton in coral reef?

Coral eat plankton. Fish eat plankton. Anenomes eat plankton. So do sea squirts, sponges, featherstars...everything.

Do mollusks eat plankton?

no oysters eat shrimp and algae. however, they do not eat plankton

Can plankton eat seaweed?

There are some types of plankton that can eat plants.

Do small fish eat plankton?

Yes, most do eat plankton.

Do cod eat plankton?

Cod are predators and eat smaller fish and other animal life in the ocean. They do not eat plankton. Generally, they eat what eats plankton.

What animal eat plants and animals and plankton?

lots of fish in the sea eat plankton, and sea weed which is a plant if u look up in trees in the forest you'll see animals that are plant eaters except some birds

What do phyto plankton eat?

other plankton

What do opossum shrimps eat?

plankton plankton

Do plankton eat sea weed?

Plankton eat a variety of different things. They eat everything from algae to seaweed to bacteria. Then, animals like whales eat the plankton.

Do mallard ducks eat plankton?

I'm not sure, but fish eat plankton.

Does krill eat plankton?

I think that krill eat plankton. Sacha Waters

Do manta rays eat plankton?

yes, manta rays do eat plankton.