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A black spider with a red back and thick fuzzy legs is commonly called a jumping spider. The formal name is Phiddipus audax.

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It takes a bit more information to properly identify a spider than what is provided. Note that the black widow is notfuzzy (covered with hairs).

If you found a spider that is black, not fuzzy and has a yellow design on its back, his could mean that you found a banana spider. These are common in Oklahoma.

i think a black widow. No way, black widows are smooth and shiny

It could be a black widow spider if it is small and thin-legged with a shiny round black abdomen and red markings under it. If it's fuzzy with a red spot on it's back, and the front part of the body is more-or-less the same size as back part, then it's a black jumping spider.

A common black spider with a red spot on its back is the Jumping Spider. It is somewhat fuzzy. The Jumping Spider is about 1/8 - 3/4 inches long, very hairy, stocky built, and short-legged. The markings are diverse among its many species. Some are black with spots of orange or red on the back. At first site some fear it to be a Black Widow Spider. The Black Widow, however, has a red hourglass shape underneath on the belly and has longer legs.The difference in the Jumping Spider that I found in my home is that the orange marks near the face are lacking and the white spot on the back is a red spot.This answer is based on searching the Internet to find out what kind of spider was visiting my desktop.

The spider that is black with a white crescent on its back is the Brown House Spider. This spider is often confused with the red-back spider.

Wooly bear caterpillar's are black and fuzzy but they also have an orange stripe on its back.

what spider is black with a white hourglass on its back

a little spider black legs and yellow back with black spots

A black widow is a spider with a red mark on its 'back'

black spider with white dot

The European Garden Spider (Cross Spiders), among others, has dots on its back arranged in a cross shape.

The black spider with reddish-orange on its back is a redback spider. These Australian spiders are members of the same family of spider as the black widow and have highly dangerous venom.

I got black spider white a while for on back no that kill you

A spider that is black with a tan mark on its back might be a brown recluse spider. This might also be a brown widow spider or a common house spider.

i have a spider that is black with a white strip on its back?

The Orb Weaver is the spider with an orange back and black diamonds on its back. It is not aggressive and not venomous.

A caterpillar that is fuzzy, white, and has black dots on its back is called the Hickory Tussock Moth. Another name for the moth is lophocampa caryae.

This is most likely a "jumping spider" and can be confirmed if it has squat legs, a stocky fuzzy body, somewhat twitchy behavior and, well, jumps. That would be your first clue.

the first thing i think of is black widow if you see a spider that looks like this in your home you should call an exterminator imediatlly u may have black widow they can confirm or not from there :) and yes BC has a major black widow problem for those who did not know that black widows do live in bc :) it could also be one of the black widows many relatives please have this checked by an extermiator

Could be the Black and yellow garden spider.

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