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Their claws (scratch), Teeth (bite), and their spray. Their spray have a type of chemical in it. So watch out for their spray.

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Skunks use glands located under their tail to spray a foul smelling, eye-watering liquid spray for protection.

The beak and talons are the most commonly used body parts of a bird for protection, however some birds may use their feathers as camouflage for protection. Hope this helps!

what body structure use for protection for a fish

Weasels, badgers, stinkbugs, there are lots of animals that use this for protection.

what isthe body structure use for protection of a ant

which body parts do the butterfly use for locomotion

The Giganotosaurus had sharp arrow tip-shaped teeth, used for slicing through the thick hides of its victims.

ALL the body parts of a Caribou are needed for it to live.

The general term we use for internal body parts is viscera.

Help them. Take care of them. Teach them to use their muscles and joints.Just to help them use their body parts.

Every single body part is necessary to the survival of a rattlesnake. They have no superfluous body parts.

All body parts are used for survival in a Koala or anything else

They use their teeth and claws as well as their tail in their defence.

Centimeters would be best for measuring a skunk.

There are no unessential parts to spiders. If a body part is not for keeping the spider itself alive then it is for reproduction. If you mean what parts do spiders use to protect themselves, the main thing is their fangs. However, some tarantulas have spines on their body that they can rub off with their hind legs. The spines act like the nastiest fiberglass insulation. If they get in a predator's eyes, nose, or mouth they can do much more than just make it itch. Spiders use their bodies to dig burrows for protection, build webs for protection, and even to make underwater diving bells where they can rest without having to worry about anything.

use for clothing,shoes and bags

Yes. They use all of their body parts to survive, especially the heart, lungs, brain, and many other components of their body systems.

what is elephants body parts use to get food

Animals use different types of organs for protection. For instance, the skin is the largest organ of the animals that is generally used to protect the inner parts of the animals.

There are plenty of swimsuits that have UV protection, but you'll still need to use sunscreen on unprotected parts.

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brain- use it then google it.

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