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Group A POS and group AB POS can receive group A POS red cell transfusions.

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Q: What boold types can receive A positive?
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What blood types can o plus receive?

Either O positive or O negative.

What other blood groups is o positive compatible with?

Type O+ blood is compatible with AB, A+, B+, and O+ blood types. That is, if your blood type is O positive, you can receive AB, A positive, B positive, and O positive blood types.

What is boold?


Can ab neg receive o positive blood?

Yes, people with AB positive blood can receive O positive blood. In fact, AB+ can receive *any* blood, A, B, O, or AB, positive or negative. It is the other blood types that have restrictions.

What boold type is cheerokee?

O -

Can O negative Patients receive A positive Platelet?

Platelets do not have blood types, so anyone can receive them from anyone else.

What blood types are compatible for kidney transplant?

* O can be donated to any type, A can be given to both A and AB, B can be given to both B and AB, AB can only be given to AB. * O can only receive O, A can receive A or O, B can receive B or O, AB can receive any. * Rhesus negative can be given to both negative and positive. Positive can only be given to positive. Positive can receive both positive and negative, negative can only receive negative the organ used, and the blood used for transfusion during transplantation, must be from a donor of the same blood type as the patient. There are not blood types which are generallyincompatible with transplant, only those that are incompatible for specific transplants. The patient's blood type is what is important

If you have blood type B and have antibody A what blood types can you safely receive?

You are able to receive type A, type B and type AB you can receive any type of blood.

What does it mean to have blood type O positive?

Blood type O positive is considered the "universal donor" because they can safely give blood to all other blood types without harm however the donor can only receive blood from other type O donors. Positive means that they can receive both positive and negative blood type O.

What does it mean when a newborn has b positive blood?

If a newborn has B positive blood, it means his blood has the B antigen and is Rh positive. There are 4 blood types: A, B, AB, and O. There are two Rh types Rh positive, Rh positive and Rh negative. That simply means what type of blood the baby would receive if it needed a transfusion.

Where does the left half pump its boold?

the aviolie

Does YSL offer foundation for a range of skin types?

Yes, Yves Saint Laurent offers foundations for a range of skin types. This is to accommodate multiple types of people and receive positive feedback from consumers.