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What brand of car is the most economic?


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2008-09-23 20:35:02
2008-09-23 20:35:02

In my opinion, Toyota offers the best overall value. In the production line, of course manufacturers will offer the best ones that would give you more mileage. But, after buying a vehicle, its brand wont really matter for the mileage it could give you. Size of the cars can also vary its being economic. Well, of course, you just have to find some difference with the space and safety test grade. Cars that are properly maintained and serviced can give you more mileage along with some extra driving tips. Proper driving can also give you more mileage in a way that you run your car at the way that it is not overdone. Too much weight, to much rpm, old oil, improper tire pressure can give you a decrease for a mileage. But for now, small cars branded with Smart or Toyota can give you good mileage.


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